When a Person is Homeless, It is Raining Everyday !!!!!!!

More “Fat-on-the-Brain” Socioeconomic-Political Issues – Spring 2013


For almost six years, research and life experiences “have been appreciated” amongst the homeless populations along the Pacific Coast and the Midwest.

Hundreds are currently suffering in San Mateo County – just miles south of San Francisco – For heavens sake, but other people during the last year in transitional housing situations have actually been dying in the Monroe County, Indiana area – about 50 miles south of Indianapolis.

Without adequate medical services, dentistry, humane sleeping quarters, suitable mental health services, and eating a poor diet of donated food, life is difficult and often dire. Two men have died on the Hoosier streets in February 2013. Five other men passed away during the last half of 2012!

"The Crossroads of the Americas"

“The Crossroads of the Americas”

The local and state government of the formerly great state of Indiana [8 years of Republican Governor and Current Purdue University President Mitch Daniels’ ‘leadership’ followed by last November’s “Red State” election of the now “Tea Party drinking” Governor Republicano Mike Pence.] have only made conditions within the city limits of the capital Indianapolis and the Big Ten college town of Bloomington WORSE.

Indiana ranks either 46th or 47th when compared to the status of public health success among all the United States. If I was their teacher, I’d grade the population’s access to medical, mental, and dental care may rate a “D” on their report card.

Citizens in housing transition have encountered enormous obsticles and delays and red-tape.

Fortunately, over twelve (12) Christian denominations – in part led by Reverend Forrest Gilmore of the Shalom Community Center – have been doing the best they can to help the homeless, unemployed, senior citizens, temporary and lont-term disabled, veterans, children, pregnant mothers, and many others every day of the week – 365 days each year!

Too many county and township governments throughout the formerly great mid-American state of Indiana are not helping those in need. Even some Monroe County townships – like Perry – need to improve very soon.

Thus good Christians around the Indiana University community are picking up the slack – stepping up to the plate – probably saving souls as well as one’s dignity.


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