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Act to Stop Stigma, Discrimination, Harm, and Disinformation

Part 2 – Anti-Stigmatizing Mental Health Care – stigma

Recognition of warning signs and countermeasures (here with a sense of humor) are very helpful.

  • Is there a lot of nervousness? (Is this a new or old issue? Does it really bother you? What is the benefit of worrying? What seems to have worked to reduce anxiety and nerves in the past?)

  • Very anxious? (Is it just too much coffee, a simpler cause, or an indicator to seek professional advice?)

  • Is there an inability to experience pleasure? (It might be time to recover this capability.)

  • Feeling about ready to give-up? (Do you want a kick in the ass now?¬†Phone a mental health hotline?)

  • Are you missing contentment with life satisfaction? (Feeling sorry for yourself is not the best answer. Explore new options.)

  • Too tired to persevere much longer? (You might try to sleep it off. Often the outlook is better after adequate rest.)

  • Not healthy enough to take personal responsibility for own wellness? (You need help)

  • Too proud to ask for help? (Suck it up, Sluggo/Nancy!)

  • Beginning to think HOPE is a joke? (Try writing a book about this. Then you may really experience no “Hope” in getting it finished.)

These can be symptoms of underlying issues that should not be ignored. One should not be afraid or embarrassed about seeking professional help.

If a loved one had cancer, you would not hesitate getting treatment. Don’t be shy about taking medication for a medical illness.¬†Mental health concerns should be viewed in much the same way.


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