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Things Can Get Better (4th in a series – “Mental Health Stigma”)

The bias against receiving mental health care is much like racism. Ignorance, misplaced pride, lack of understanding, and unfounded fear are some of the reasons a negative view exists towards mental health. It is in the public interest that the stigma be eliminated.

Great Accomplishments with a Mental Diagnosis

Great Accomplishments with a Mental Diagnosis

Mental illness will not go away on its own.

The core of the English word disabled is abled. Those mentally disabled are capable people in many respects.

Respect of others is the common-ground all humans share.

Within the first three articles, symptoms and ideas for healthy living were suggested.

Given a better understanding of mental health, one can recognize warning signs and avoid those hazardous environments [places/people/situations/limitations] that tend to lead to bad, undesirable consequences.

Healthy Resilience

Healthy Resilience

* Warning Signs *

Symptoms that one’s mental health may be at risk:

Making too many apologies.
Unable to step-back from stressful moments and situations.
Distractions from ‘triggers’ are not helping.
Unable to mask the stressors.
Humor is not working to smooth over difficulties anymore.
Surrounding myself with loving, affirming people is too difficult.
Unable to understand what is going wrong.
Unable to analyze why there are issues and problems.
Temporary coping methods are not working.
Temp solutions are not enough to manage the causes of issues.
Venting “off steam” and stress is happening more often.
Venting is becoming ineffective at reducing tension.
Anger is turning into violent episodes.
Unable to relax.
Can’t seem to spend 60 minutes a day doing an enjoyable activity.
Just feeing awful.

For the well-being of over 100 million Americans and billions of people, the stigma associated with mental health care must be eliminated.

Timely access to mental health care is so important.

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