How Things Can Get Better

( – Ignorance – “Remove Mental Health Care Stigma”)

Running into too many things [triggers*] that lead to bad results? (Suggestion: Don’t subject yourself to those hazardous environments.

[Think of environments be they


that lead to bad, undesirable stuff happening.]

stigma expose it

Another Suggestion: Rework and revise a personal W.R.A.P.)

Most have benefited from journaling a Wellness Recovery Action Plan (W. R. A. P.). Part of this covenant to thyself lists personal early warning signs and action plan ideas.

* A “Trigger” is a person, place, thing, incident

that leads to stress that may be

harmful to thy mental health.

The issues and listed below with some practical and silly solutions (in parenthesis):

  • Noticing a constant failure and no success? (Get advice from an expert; Step back and be more objective; Learn from any mistakes; Have a sense of humor; Don’t “beat yourself up” over it.)

  • Too many sleepless nights consecutively? (Ask Doc for sleeping pills; Find a holistic remedy.)

  • Poor personal hygiene becoming a problem (it could adversely affect other people or lead to your own illness)? (Make a greater personal effort or don’t go in public)

  • Are filthy living conditions prevailing? (Get a maid or do-it yourself; Schedule some lean-up day(s))

  • Witnessing shocking situations? (Get over it, ASAP; nowadays, there are many effective treatments for Post Traumatic Shock Syndrome.)

  • Poor reactions to unusual situations? (Figure out why and take some action, no matter how small)

  • Noticing a lot of nervousness? (Is this a new or old issue? Does it really bother you? What seems to have worked out in the past?)

  • Are you really very anxious? (Is it too much coffee or another simple, less than obvious cause?)

  • Experiencing a lack of motivation? (Have someone kick your ass; Test yourself in a ‘sink or swim situation’.)

  • Feeling slowed up, speeded up, speeded down, or slowed down. (Hold-it, just stop for a minute)

  • Avoiding doing healthy things on the daily maintenance item list? (Stupid is, as stupid does)

  • Planning meals does not work to improve appetite and diet. The scorecard shows many zeros. (Better get a chef and meal planner.)

  • Not taking medicine and vitamins as prescribed? (Confess to the doctors and priest.)

Let’s eliminate the negative stigma associated with mental health.

common sense clown

Don’t let pride get in the way of finding mental health care or diagnostic tests for neighbors in your community, yourself, or a loved one.

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