A Day in the Life of a Homeless Human Being

Yes, homeless folk are humans similar to people sheltered in mansions.
Homeless people are feared, misunderstood, disenfranchised, not always hungry, without a conventional home, have lost friends, can be easily embarrassed, and often do not have any transportation.

obama for forty seven
On Sunday, I started out from an overnight warming shelter of 46 men and women and spent the day on the streets of “the ghetto.”
At a local McDonald’s, Pastor Paso from the Saratoga Christian Church buys breakfast for anyone who wishes to come. This morning, his 13 year-old son Daniel told us a true story from the day before prior to praying our blessing.
Daniel spoke about the irony of a homeless man offering food to him. He cited Hebrews 13:16, which writes of the promise God has for us who are charitable. We will receive more than is given up to those in-need.
After breakfast, I legally smoked some grass with a homeless mother and her 20 year-old son. We have known one another for over three months and have a need for medicinal marijuana to alleviate pain and help the young man grow up.
I then walked alone through “da’ ghetto” looking for the St. Samuel Church. Their pastors are known in the community for helping the homeless. Pastor Paul’s sermon referred to Mark 14. This reiterates God’s promise of eternal life to those in-need who follow His word.

george carlin

Rather than boring you now with the details of my summer afternoon, I’d like to end with some humor that characterizes the false assumptions and critical judgments people make toward disadvantaged citizens – such as the homeless.



George Carlin* on the;

  • emotionally impaired,
  • drifters,
  • unemployed,
  • developmentally challenged,
  • high school dropouts,
  • substance abusers, and
  • mentally disturbed.

He/She has…
One wheel stuck in the sand. *
A seatback not in the full, upright position.
Not been paying with a full box of dominoes.
Doesn’t have both feet in the end zone.
Lives out where the sun does not shine.
The cheese fell off her cracker a long time ago.
The factory is still open, but it is making something else.

*When Will Jesus Bring the Pork Chops, Comedy Concepts Inc., 2004.

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