Papal Visit to The San Francisco Bay Area and The North America Rocky Mountains – INVITATION BY AN AGING CHILD

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Tuesday, July 1, 2014



To The Vatican

Office of Pope Francis I

Roma, Italia



Dear Your Holiness Pope Francis I:


Would you please come visit the United States among my Catholic and unchurched friends in Glenwood Springs, Colorado (St. Stephen’s in the Archdiocese of Denver) and East Palo Alto, California (St. Francis of Assisi’s in the Archdiocese of San Francisco). Your grace, I cannot visit you or any European shrines, like San Sebastian this year due to my health, thus would you please come here to pray with us?

Our parish in East Palo Alto will again be celebrating from Friday the 3rd until dark on Sunday, October 5, 2014, the annual feast day of St. Francis of Assisi. 2013 was my first year in Father Ed’s, Msgr. John, and Pastor Father Larry Goode’s parish and I really had fun. You would find St. Francis full of life – our parishioners are largely Hispanic, with many Pacific Island (Tongan), Black, White, and Asian-Americans –  in a very poor and relatively dangerous neighborhood ironically immediately adjacent to Silicon Valley USA and wealthy corporations like Facebook.

My new parish is St. Stephen’s – located beautifully about 3 hours west of Denver and some 100 miles west of the North American Continental Divide along the Colorado River and the Amtrak Railroad passenger train line – less than a mile south of the famous hot springs. Pastor Father Bert and Father Joseph have been terrific! This town of 9,000 has only fewer than 800 catholics, 1,176 licensed dogs, many stray cats and raccoons, turkey vultures/ ravens, numerous hiking trails, and several Argentinian soccer fans.

As I sit here outside the ER treatment room that I landed in on June 10th, I am reminded of a joke. My first three days of my “pilgrimage” to European shrines, the Holy Land, and the Holy See (The Vatican) were like the comedian Bill Murray’s movie “Groundhog Day.”

I started three consecutive days going to the Woodside, California Branch of Chase Manhattan Bank to resolve issues with my blue debit card. Thank God for their help!

Ironically, even today (Day 27), the Chase card does not work without funds available.

Thanks be to God that I have escaped another living environment with potentially inhumane behavior and negative connotations.  The bottom line nowadays – others realize this factoid too when it is often too late – is not about money, even when we are dealing with big business matters. Your Holiness, I appreciate everything you have done to promote human rights, peace particularly in Israel, Roman Catholic dogma reform, and facilitating more resources for the disabled, poor, elderly, children, other primates and mammals, the sick, and the otherwise disadvantaged throughout our modern world.

Thank you for your consideration. I am feeling better already just by knowing you are there for all Catholics and for all of humanity. I shall keep reminding others to continue to pray for you and to take our concerns first in prayer to The Lord.


Sincerely yours,




D. A. F. N. “Buck” Dailey

Former Altar Boy at Sacred Heart Parish (Notre Dame)

Parishioner at St. Stephen’s (Glenwood Springs, CO)

Parishioner at St. Francis of Assisi (East Palo Alto (CA)


Cc:            Mary Christine Dailey Schultz (Chicago)

Archbishop Samuel (Denver)

Archbishop Salvatore (San Francisco)

Pastor Father Bert (Colorado)

Pastor Father Lawrence (California)

Dr. Leslie M. Bodnar (My Godfather in South Bend

Bishara David Elias “Bob” Wehab (West Menlo Park)

Readers of “The Dailey Sun”



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