State Troopers, Riders in the Sky, Vaudeville, Hot Springs, and other Summer Fun

Today’s Dailey Chronicle

7-14-14  –  Happy Bastille Day, Frenchy!  –  Monday Sunset Edition

Bulletin: Local News Hot Flashes


    • The “Save Luke Fund” has been formed by five Board of Directors to help a disabled resident with medical, rehabilitation, and legal costs. Helpful people may submit non-deductible donations in care of the First Bank on Grand Avenue (located south of Kim’s Consignment, Turtle’s, Taco Bell, and north of the new Sweet Coloradough and Bradley-Sinclair gas) to Dailey Account # 2671-22-3148.
  • New illustrator/political cartoonist sought for The Dailey Sun newspapers. Interested parties and agents should correspond to P. O. Box 777, Glenwood Springs, Colorado (81602-0777) for The Dailey Globe/Planet/Telegraph, Times-Tribune, Chronicle, and Sun-Times position. Applicants must be at least 14 years-old.
  • Glenwood Hot Springs to be featured in the next Sunday issue. Keep an eye out for the July 20th edition of “The Dailey Times-Tribune.”
  • Hacienda El Patron has terrific, authentic Mexican food in New CastleWell worth the scenic drive to 201 West Main Street (  This is only about a 15 minute drive on I-70 west of Glenwood Springs.
  • Reserve a dinner at the Vaudeville Revue: (970) 945-9699 or
  • Colorado State Troopers find four suspects. About 2:30 p.m. on Monday, two trooper cars pulled over a white sedan with four suspects. This was after a weekend of widespread major vandalism in the community. For instance, one thrift shop on the south side of Glenwood Springs and the Enterprise rental car agency suffered thousands of dollars of property losses.
  •  –     –


  • Riders in the Sky – Ute Theatre – 132 East Fourth Street (4th St.) This Friday – July 18, 2014, in Rifle, Colorado – Already A Sellout! Delightful and entertaining musicians!
  •      –
    • Luke is no longer in critical condition. Chronicle and The Dailey Planet Reporter “Lois Lane” writes that Luke has broken his pelvis, has come out of a coma, and will remain in an undisclosed Denver hospital for a longer period of time. Luke was helicoptered from Valley View Medical and Cancer Center on the night of Wednesday, July 1, following a 15 to 30-foot fall from the Grand Avenue-State Highway 82 Colorado River pedestrian bridge. Onlookers reported that police may have waited over 3 to 23 minutes after Luke’s fall to call for ambulance assistance.


    • Joe continues his European pilgrimage. Although the Dailey Sun-Times’ Publisher was unable to travel farther east of the Rocky Mountains on June 9th, his best man Josef Paul Kocy visited Vatican City during the week of July 6th and was in Venice this past Monday. Note his fine photo of the altar inside St. Mary’s Church in Venice. Prayers to St. Mary saved the City of Venice from a major plague during the 15th Century.

St. Mary's in Venice


    • Vaudeville on Grand Avenue in Glenwood Springs. Dinner theatre seating still available for this coming Friday, Saturday, and Sunday the 19th. Funny, fun, laughter!


  • From “Sweet Coloradough” — South Glenwood Springs, Coloradough 81602-2430

Travis – of the town’s 7-11 Grand Avenue Shop – was sighted inside this bakery before 6 a.m. Saturday. What donut variety he ordered to consume is protected by our 2nd Amendment rights. If you want to know, go ask him yourself!


  • Merkle displaces Barack Obama as “Leader of the Free World.” Already the combined economy with the federation of former lands of Nazi Germany and Communist Germany had supplanted the United States of America as #1 in the world. Now that Germany has won the 2014 FIFA World Cup of international soccer from the likes of South America, Prime Minister Andrea Merkle is now the most powerful political person on earth (despite the fact that the USA armed forces are superior and the Israeli intelligence community is slightly more advanced).


The motto of “The Dailey Sun” is ‘Feliz! Feliz! Feliz!’ or ‘Happy, happy, happy!’



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