Five More Human Senses

Man’s sensory organs are not limited to the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and touch. Here are five more senses to know about.

Equilibrioception. The fact that you can stand and walk without falling is attributed to your sense of balance, aka equilibrioception, and is regulated by fluid in the inner ear. It works with your sense of vision to help you move around safely. Spin around repeatedly, and you throw this system off, causing dizziness and, yes, loss of balance.

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Proprioception. This one is the ability to know where your body parts are without looking. So if you close your eyes and raise your hand, you know where your hand is even without looking. This sounds pointless, but without proprioception, you would have to constantly look down at your feel to be able to walk. Police test proprioception when someone is suspected of drunk driving.

Thermoception. If you sit by a campfire, you feel the heat. Grab ice out of the freezer and you feel how cold it is. Thermoceptors in your skin are what sense those changes in temperature. The ability to detect heat and cold was once rolled up under the sense of touch. However, you don’t have to physically touch something to feel the heat (coming from that campfire, for example), so thermoception is in a category of its own. Separate thermoceptors in your brain help detect and regulate changes in core body temperature.

Nociception. This is your ability to sense pain. “Nociception and thermoception are usually lumped together because, to some extent, they use the same nerve cells in the skin,” said Fuchs. You have nociceptors in your skin, bones and joints, and internal organs.

Interoception: This is an umbrella term for senses that govern our internal organs. “Your body is full of internal receptors that trigger subconscious or reflexive reactions important for your health and well-being,” according to Fuchs. These receptors perform a wide range of involuntary tasks, such as triggering a cough, controlling respiratory rate, and telling you when you’re hungry or thirsty.


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