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Wassup with NFL Football this Week

 Reverse teaser card
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   November 26, 2014                                                   NFL Week #13                                                         

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3 for 3 pays  17 to 1

4 for 4 pays  55 to 1

7 for 7 pays  1500 to 1

8 for 8 pays  5000 to 1


Last Week, had you picked the Indiana Colts, Patriots, Philly Eagles, Raiders, and Seahawks, you would have scored 5 of 5 pics to parlay $18,100 at the odds of 180 to 1.

That would have been on a $100 wager.

This week, the odds are just enormous.

Here we go again. This time with three big games on Thanksgiving Day. This week, here are how things shape up:


Kansas City Chiefs -9.5
hosting The Denver Broncs -17.5
Cleveland Browns -14.5
at Buffalo Bills -10.5
Detroit Lions -12.5
hosts Chicago Bears -109.5
Green Bay Packers -14½  -110
hosts New Eng. Pats -14½  -110
Jacksonville Jaguars
50½ O -110
U -110
hosts New Jersey Giants -11½  -110
Cincinnati Bengals -17½  -110
43½ O -110
U -110
at Tampa Bay Bucs -7½  -110
Arizona Cardinals -21.½
at Atlanta Falcons -4½
St Louis Rams No line
hosts Hot Oakland Raiders No line

Week 13

New Orleans Saints -10.5
at Pittsburgh Pirates -14.5
Dallas Cowboys -7.5
hosts Philly’s Eagles Giants -10.5
Baltimore Ravens -9.5
hosts San Diego Padres -7.5

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Solutions to Homelessness by Economist Carl L. Williams & D.A.F.N. Dailey, MS

November 25, 2014                                                                                      DADAILEY@GMAIL.COM


                                                                                                             (312) 237-0386; (970) 444-3168



Clients' entrance to Project We Hope overnight shelter in East Palo Alto, California

Clients’ entrance to Project We Hope overnight shelter in East Palo Alto, California


Dear Editors of the Aspen Daily News:


Thursday’s Daily News had one astute letter to the Editor – that by Carl L. McWilliams of Glenwood. Homelessness (house/apartment-less-ness) will not go away without a concerted regional (Garfield & Pitkin Counties) effort.


  • The involvement of the Salvation Army is one viable solution mentioned by McWilliams [please refer to the post-script below].


  • Law enforcement respect of the homeless and other disadvantaged citizens is another factor.


  • In the American capitalist economy, I’d suggest grants and funding by venture capital firms (VC) from the San Francisco area. Keep in mind that VCs expect a return-on-investment.The entrepreneurial approach is another solution. Take note of the five benefits listed below:


  • Typically after VCs supply seed money for overnight and day programs, they would like to see good return on investment (ROI). Their fund managers will expect to recoup, and then some, their investment. (a) Reemployment would be one return. (b) Savings of lives would be another benefit for the VCs. (c) A personnel pool could be developed via rehabilitation and re-employment into other interests (funded enterprises, start-ups, and companies) that the VCs have been managing for larger profits and ROI. (d) A positive public relations benefit would develop. (e) And they would ethically be doing “the right thing.”  Should you have any additional comments or questions, please feel free to contact me via the e-mail address of and 

P.S.  Carl L. McWilliams recommends that local chapters of the Salvation Army utilize funds from the Ray Kroc Foundation to focus on three things:

1. Hunger relief

2. Shelter and housing options, post-haste

3. Reducing both the unemployment rate AND facilitating a workforce that does not figure into regionsl unemployment rates (disabled, those who have exhausted unemployment eligibility, many who have given up looking for work, long-time unemployed and underemployed, etc.).

NFL Reverse Teaser Card

“d. A. D.  Resorts”

reverse teaser card

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   November 22, 2014                           DADAILEY@GMAIL.COM                               NFL Week #12                                              

                                                         (970) 444-3168

3 for 3 pays  17 to 1

4 for 4 pays  55 to 1

7 for 7 pays  1500 to 1

8 for 8 pays  5000 to 1


Last Week, had you picked Tampa Bay, New England, Houston, Green Bay, and/or St. Louis, you would have earned 55 to 1 winnings. On a $100 bet that would come to $5,500.00 ($5,600 returned to you)!

This week, here are how things shape up:


Kansas City Chiefs -15,5
at Oakland Raiders +4.5

Sunday, November 23, 2014

1:00p EST Live

Cleveland Browns -3.5
at Atlanta Falcons -3.5
Detroit Lions -7.5
at New England Patriots -14.5
Green Bay Packers -10½  -110
48½ O -110
U -110
at Minnesota Vikings -9½  -110
Jacksonville Jaguars +3½  -110
50½ O -110
U -110
at Indianapolis Colts -17½  -110
Cincinnati Bengals -9½  -110
43½ O -110
U -110
at Houston Texans -7½  -110
New York Jets -4½  -110
40 O -110
U -110
snow Buffalo Bills at Detroit -10½  -110
Tampa Bay Buccaneers -6.5  -110
46½ O -110
U -110
at Chicago Bears -10.5  -110

4:05p Live

267 Arizona Cardinals -7½  -110
42 O -110
U -110
268 Seattle Seahawks -10½  -110

4:05p Live

269 St Louis Rams -5½  -110
43½ O -110
U -110
270 San Diego Chargers -10½  -110

Week 11

4:25p Live

Miami Dolphins -7.5
at Denver Broncos -17.5

4:25p Live

Washington Redskins -3.5
at San Francisco 49ers -8.5

8:30p Live

Dallas Cowboys -8.5
at New York Giants -3.5

Game Mon, Nov 24, 2014 EST

Time Rot Team Point Spread Moneyline Total Team Total
Baltimore Ravens -7.5
at New Orleans Saints -4.5

Sunday’s NFL Betting Line

“D. A. D.  & Associates”

reverse teaser card

P. O. Box 777, Glenwood Springs, COlorado  81602-0777

   November 16, 2014                DADAILEY@GMAIL.COM            NFL Week #11                                                                                    (312) 237-0386

(970) 444-3168

3 for 3 pays  17 to 1

4 for 4 pays  55 to 1

7 for 7 pays  1500 to 1

8 for 8 pays  5000 to 1


*Cincinnati at New Orleans          Bengals -8.5             Saints -8.5

*Tampa at District of Columbia    Redskins -8.8           Bucs -6.6

*Houston at Cleveland                 Texans -2.5              Browns -15.5

*Minnesota at Chicago                 Vikings -9.5             Bears -10.5

**Detroit at Arizona                       Lions   -5.5             Cardinals -8.5


*San Fran at New York                 Giants -8.5                Forty Niners -11.5

Pitts at Nashville      (Mon)           Steelers -4.5              Titans -3.5

**New England @ Indy                Colts -7.5                   Patriots -8.5

*Atlanta’s at Carolina                  Panthers -10             Falcons -7

*Denver at St. Louis                    Broncos -20.2           Rams -4.4

**Seattle at Kansas City              Seahawks -8.5         Chiefs -7.5

**Philadelphia at Green Bay      Packers -14.5           Eagles -8.5

Buffalo at Miami                          Dolphins – 15.5        Bills -10.5                final = 22-9

**Oakland at San Diego              Chargers -22.5        Raiders +4.5

*Denotes an early game (11:00 MST)

** “Denotes Game of the Week”

copyright MMXIV

-Max’s Scout Services, LLC –

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please help us buy a pickup truck

Wandervogel Diary

50 gmc

No, this isn’t the one. It would cost too much money because it’s my age and classified as an antique, just like me. I posted this picture just to get your attention.

The truth of the matter is we have no idea which make and model we will be shopping for. It will be determined entirely by how much money we can raise within a month or so. I have driven very little since the stroke (and that suits me fine), so the truck will be registered in Alex’s name.

This is also part of a strategy I have—a theory really—for keeping Alex engaged with Estrella Vista. None of us likes being compelled to do anything or be anywhere against our free will, and I believe that a secret to keeping Alex here is to provide the means of his escaping anytime he wants to. He has spent enough of…

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juvenile suicides in adult facilities


Wandervogel Diary


Teenagers in prison have a shockingly high suicide rate

On any given day in 2012, there were about 2,400 teenagers serving time in adult state or federal prisons. And those teenagers were more likely to commit suicide than were inmates from any other age group.

This chart, based on new data from the Bureau of Justice Statistics, shows the suicide rates of state prisoners from 2001-2012 and drive home just how at-risk teenage inmates can be:

teens more likely to commit suicide

In other words, teenagers in adult prisons are twice as likely to commit suicide as are adults in adult prisons. And they’re far more likely to commit suicide than teenagers who are in juvenile detention or in alternative programs. A 2007 report from the advocacy group the Campaign for Youth Justice found that juveniles in adult prisons are 36 times more likely to commit suicide than…

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The Russians are Coming! The Russians are Coming.

Russian pilots are flying bombers in the Gulf of Mexico.

Dear President Obama, this is the new Russian Missile Crisis. Strike back against Putin’s thugs.

The USA should invoke the Monroe Doctrine in this millennium for the initial time.

Handicapping the College Game – NCAA Football Saturday

Handicapping the College Game – NCAA Football Saturday.