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Third Theft Report Filed by Publisher with the City of Reno Nevada Police Department

1, 2, and 3 thefts have had the same victim’s name – Publisher D.A. Dailey – in the “Biggest Little City in the World” during this calendar year of 2015.

Dumb Sign

Dumb Sign

Two of three have occurred during this current “Year of the Sheep.”


This may be the only city in the USA where the poor steal from the poor and homeless folks rip-off other homeless people.

Gung hay fat choy, to you “asshole” robbers.

Oh, Lordy, Lordy, Lordy!!!

0845 a.m. PST the Friday after Sunday’s robbery:

Reno police called. They found Anni’s and my very large and extremely back-hazardous red suitcase. The patrolman said over the phone that it was empty, but they will return it to St. Thomas Aquinas church bookstore (310 West Second Street, Diocese of Reno’s Cathedral at Arlington Avenue and 2nd).

As it turns out, the red canvas case was not empty. Of course ‘da suitcases was badly bruised, had one new size of a golf ball hole on the bottom, a missing ergonomically-designed rubber-hose handle designed and installed by EMILY.

Note: (Talented and timely Emily is a local five-star REMSA ambulance driver-EMT-Paratransit Specialist, who incidentally rescued me with her old medical emergency response partner BILLY from a McDonald’s lot way out on Keystone back in January 2015; back one morning when I was feeling intense gastro-intestinal cramping, back spasms, hand/finger/palm charlie-horses, and had a pain score like I was having my second baby “an 8 on the scale from 1 to 10” 32 years after my first and only San Franciscan-born daughter)

Yes inside the red thang was four prescription pain pills [that amounts to a full 32 hours of consecutive pain relief], collector ’15 calendars, business notes, reservation records, key addresses and phone numbers, and some dirty linen.

Which Way To Go?

Which Way To Go?

Once again, thank you Reno Police Department!

Thank you Cal-Neva coffee shop parking garage!

Thanks to you Siena Casino, Spa and Hotel for keeping me separated from my suitcase long enough that it could be stolen within an hour on a Saturday night while I was taking a crap near the William Hill Sports Book.

to be continued —

The continuing saga of the musical-comedy-suspense movie “The Last Resort” by Anni & D. A. F. N. “Buck” Dailey – copyright MMXV – D. A. D. Publishing & Associates of The Rockies and Midwest*

Author’s Laptop Computer Stolen By Californian in Reno’s Amtrak Station Waiting Room

Dateline: First Sunday in Lent – February 22, 2015

1600 – 1630 hrs. PST

Street-Level Depot Waiting Room in Reno Amtrak Depot

Buck Dailey’s Hewlett Packard laptop computer was literally stolen from under his nose while the author of “Lessons Learned From Dogs” and “Confessions of An Oenophile – An American Family Cookbook” fell asleep while awaiting for the arrival of an eastbound California-Chicago Zephyr.

Thanks to the good work of Sergeant Dye’s police department crew, including Patrolman Wozniak, the invaluable plastic HP 15 with loads and loads of data on the hard disk was recovered and returned to the author within one (1) hour.

City of Reno Officer Wozniak found the suspect with the stolen laptop in a nearby pawn shop. The pawn shop’s estimated value of the item was only $80.00.

homeless smile nj

Pre-Party Early Dinner at Mel’s Diner off 4th St. in Reno – Before the Oscars Award Show

Pre-Oscar Meal at Mel’s Diner, located in Reno, Nevada (Tomorrow! Sunday Night, February 22, 2015) “Barnum and Dailey presents…”

As it may turn out, Reno may be the hot ticket location before the Oscar Award Show and all the red carpet E! interviews in real-time this Sunday from Hollywood.

Come check out all the celebrities in Northern Nevada – like the service and hostess staff at Mel’s.


Come early, stay late, casual attire will be OK 2, eat it all, and better leave a big tip…

= =

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ASSUMED VAGRANT DUMPED OFF IN DOWNTOWN RENO [What a Strange Way to ‘Rid’ the Community of Homelessness!]

F O R   I M M E D I A T E   R E L E A S E

For More Information Contact: (312) 237-0386 or

Minden, Nevada (February 21, 2015) – ASSUMED VAGRANT DUMPED OFF IN DOWNTOWN RENO – A senior single white male was transported by private Douglas County van after dark Friday night and abandoned in neighboring Washoe County. Despite being in need of medical care, the man was left without financial resources at the Amtrak train station at closing time.


Many local residents of Douglas County, Nevada, report that being homeless is a crime punishable by time in jail, fines, and extradition to either Reno or Carson County. Appearing to be a vagrant and not having a home or motel room places international visitors and American citizens at-risk.

The Douglas County Sheriffs Office was contacted but did not comment why one officer last Wednesday ordered the local visitor to “get out of town” in front of the County Social Services Office, located on Cemetery Lane.

The alleged suspect checked into Reno’s Renown Medical Center at 2:00 a.m., was first discharged around 2:30 a.m., returned to the emergency room later in the morning and was released at 11:30 a.m. PST.

The victim reports that during his 14 day stay in the “twin towns” of Minden and Gardnerville, he was questioned by 15 county sheriff deputies.

#      #     #    #

Federal Tort to be Filed about Illegal, Unethical Local Practices of Lodging Establishments in the County of Douglas’ Carson River Valley (Located East of Lake Tahoe and south of Reno, Nevada)

For Immediate Release

Federal Tort to be Filed about Illegal, Unethical Local Practices of Lodging Establishments in the County of Douglas’ Carson River Valley (Located East of Lake Tahoe and south of Reno, Nevada)

February 19, 2015  (Minden, Nevada) – Federal Tort to be Filed about Illegal, Unethical Local Practices of Lodging Establishments in this County – No less than four lodging occupancy owners and innkeepers will be served with a class action suit alleging both illegal, unconstitutional, discriminatory and unethical, un-American business practices already committed during February 2015.

*Note: Businesses offering lodging to families working in the area as well as travelers, hunters, gamblers, and disenfranchised American citizens; Names have been changed in this press release to help protect the innocent, uneducated and misinformed employees caught in the middle of daily, imprudent, fraudulent, underhanded, negligent transactions with customers and the public.       

The legal suit cause of action includes:

  • Search and Seizure of Personal Property.
  • Destruction and Rubbish Disposal of Guests Property.
  • Disrespect and Lack of Consideration of Guests who are Disabled, over 55-years of age, and United States Armed Forces Veterans.
  • Causing Intentional Abuse, Hunger, Poverty, and Many Health Issues.
  • Inappropriate Application of the U.S. Patriot Act.
  • Misappropriation of Common Sense and Civil Rights Expressed in the U.S. Constitution.
  • Fiduciary Fraud (i.e. Making unauthorized withdrawals and charges with guests’ credit and electronic debit cards).
  • Taking Advantage of Alcoholics.
  • Providing Guests without Fire Protection and Emergency Preparedness Assurance that Meets Federal and State Construction, Sanitation, Building, and Fire Codes and National Standards.
  • Contributing to the Poor Status of Community Mental Health and Public Health and Safety.
  • Collusion with Other Innkeepers, Religious Organizations, Charitable Groups, Fire Prevention and Emergency Response Professionals, and Town and County Peace Officers.
  • Misleading and bilking American citizens.

mother theresa

The named defendants, who have created a cause of action, subject to the class action suit include:

  1. The Southerner* Motel located near Waterloo Road in Gardnerville
  2. Memorial Day* Inn located in the Town of Minden
  3. Hysterical* Inn located along U.S. Highway 395
  4. Best Vest* Inn Hotel, Casino, Motor Lodge, and RV Park located in Minden

Actions by these lodging establishment have caused theft, major physical health and mental health issues, created ill-will, financial hardship, unlawful camping (per local county ordinance), public health and safety issues, distrust, and are affront to sound American values expressed in the United States Constitution and several Amendments, that are also true Christian values.

The plaintiff leading this tort, D. A. Dailey, is a registered Legislative Advocate in the state of Colorado and formerly was a Lobbyist in Sacramento and Carson City during the 1990s. He has been a stand-up comedian in the Midwest and Pacific Coast and has written numerous humorous books, screenplays, speeches, and web-blogs. A current work in-progress is a true to life story about Gardenville entitled, The Last Resort. Recently, Dailey served as a court advocate twice – in federal court at San Francisco and the federal district in Denver.

*    *    *    *    *    *


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The Denver Post / Indianapolis Star

Roman Catholic Diocese of Reno

Douglas County Recorder-Courier in Minden

NIMBY = Not In My Backyard!

NIMBY = Not In My Backyard!

Love Our Children / Teach Your Children Well / Make the World a Better Place for Our Kids (other cliches and realities)

I was just telling my new best friend about how PROUD we should genuinely be about our children, even the adopted ones and wicked-behaving step-kids.

Today, being Ash Wednesday – following Stove Tuesday, popularly known as “Marti Gras” – I told this man how PROUD I am about my daughter’s trip to New Orleans – “Nawlins” – during the pre-Lenten season.

I remain proud that MY daughter scored the most plentiful and colorful set of beads that I have ever seen one person collect… and I have been following Marti Graz Parades in Nawlins for five decades.

These are not Dailey's scienific achievement rankings

Yes, I am a proud father.

I trust you too love your sons and daughters almost as much I love mine.

World Serious 2015 Odds Published for Pennant Winners This “Fat Tuesday” by D.A.D. in NV – For Either the La-La Land, Bronx-Queens, San Francisco Bay Bridge, and/or Chi-Town Title World Championship

Dateline: Nevada

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

[oddly subject to change Dailey]

Imagine if baseball was computerized, the owners might make more money, but the fans wouldn’t be treated to authentic American fun and folly. These games should be played with real humans in real time, right? The odds (only $50 bets are acceptable):

Anaheim Angels (with or without Manager Mike S.) vs. L.A. (always the Brooklyn) Dodgers   17 to 1

San Francisco Giants vs. The Oakland Athletics   27 to 1 giants fan out clubbing New York (Queens) Metropolitans vs. New York Yankees 31 to 1

Chicago White Hose vs. The Chicago Cubs Baseball Club of the National League  9 to 1

 = = = = =

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Life — You Are Probably Too Young to Remember the Good Life — Too Bad Too Many Cannot Take Time to Read the Truth

Dateline: 21st Century in the U.S.A.

Being an older geezer, I have read, listened, seen, felt, tasted, and been screwed more than 95% of Americans (South and Central Americans included with us Tex-Mex, French-Canadian, White-Trash, Punk-Ass, Jive-Ass, Self-Centered, Elitist, New-Money-Rich, Stuck-Up, Bitches, Brothers, and Thieving North Americans).


Tune in tomorrow for tomorrow’s version of “The Last Resort” showing and describing what has happened during the last 45 episodes of 2015 A.D.

homeless on the street

A Special Casino Opens Last Summer in the Historic Downtown [Esmeralda Street] Minden, County of Douglas

The long process of rehabilitation of the C.O.D.* Garage in historic downtown Minden has been completed with the conversion to the C.O.D. Casino.  The C.O.D. Casino opened their doors August 14, 2014, at 404 Esmeralda..

“We are excited to open and take care of our new guests in the Carson Valley” says General Manager Scott Tate, “The facility looks great and we were able to retain the historic character of the C.O.D.* Garage, while being able to add all of the comforts of a great casino”


The C.O.D.* Casino offers a wide variety of slot machines, a live Keno game and soon to be added sports wagering venue and Live Poker.


It also has many preserved and restored items from the C.O.D.* Garage, including the tow truck featured in the Casino’s logo, which is the feature piece in a small museum at the rear of the establishment. The museum also includes the counter and desk from the old garage.

 * C. O. D. does not stand for Clarence Oliver Dangdaileyberg!

~ reprinted from the Carson Valley Times

The Saga of “The Last Resort” Continues Past the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre on the Gardenville (Nevada) Main Street

Barf — feeling sick in Gardnerville Ranchos, Nevada.

I is go figuring . . .

Oh well, dog gone it, another sleepless night in this high desert of intellectual thought, good nutrition, quality medical care, and a viable safety-net.
My gut is severely spasming, during the last six hours, I have visited with two paramedics of the East Fork Fire Protection District in Douglas County, Nevada, two sheriff deputies (1st at about 1400 hrs on 2-14-15 and another great deputy about 0200hrs. on 2-15-15), as well as the entire security staff on-duty at the Carson Valley Inn in Minden, Nevada, and some other so-called ER support staff at the only “medical center” in this small metropolitan area located about 15 miles east of godly beautiful Lake Tahoe and the Mont Bleu Casino & Resort, Lake Tahoe, CA.

Well, the bottom line is that this environment of health care is REALLY killing me. Even the Gardenville, Northern Nevada, Walgreen’s near Lamke Park and the new County Senior and Community center seems to be conspiring to kill me off.

Allow me to give you two for-instances:

Last Tuesday and on Friday the 13th, Dearest Anni and I went to the local daily Senior Luncheon. Both meals were disgusting to me – imagine how many ol’ folks ate what was served them by volunteers. Say there may have been 200 of us seated in the room; Anni’s 80-something Mom was served next to last [and then take into consideration that Mom lost another daughter who passed on February 3rd in a so-called healthcare center near Phoenix, Arizona]. The glaze on the heated canned ham and pineapple tidbits was disgusting; but we were so hungry after waiting for more than 30 minutes when the first senior was served.

head 2

Add to this predicktament of that the popularity of seniors enjoying soup… both days the kitchen RAN OUT before all paid customers were served.

Now how hard is it to heat up a couple more cans of soup?!?

donate hands

The death rate is already WAY OVER the national average. Yet, the locals – over 95% of adults interviewed during the last 11 days – seem to think everything is peachy-keen here. I believe this is the reason folks sell their houses to so-called qualified bidders with bloody pre-qualification letters from so-called reputable mortgage bankers/loan ‘sharks’ licensed by the former Silver State of Nevada. Anywho, so what if I could buy a nice home for less than $220,ooo.00!?!

Why would I want to try to live here when more people are fooled into dying here….

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