The Saga of “The Last Resort” Continues Past the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre on the Gardenville (Nevada) Main Street

Barf — feeling sick in Gardnerville Ranchos, Nevada.

I is go figuring . . .

Oh well, dog gone it, another sleepless night in this high desert of intellectual thought, good nutrition, quality medical care, and a viable safety-net.
My gut is severely spasming, during the last six hours, I have visited with two paramedics of the East Fork Fire Protection District in Douglas County, Nevada, two sheriff deputies (1st at about 1400 hrs on 2-14-15 and another great deputy about 0200hrs. on 2-15-15), as well as the entire security staff on-duty at the Carson Valley Inn in Minden, Nevada, and some other so-called ER support staff at the only “medical center” in this small metropolitan area located about 15 miles east of godly beautiful Lake Tahoe and the Mont Bleu Casino & Resort, Lake Tahoe, CA.

Well, the bottom line is that this environment of health care is REALLY killing me. Even the Gardenville, Northern Nevada, Walgreen’s near Lamke Park and the new County Senior and Community center seems to be conspiring to kill me off.

Allow me to give you two for-instances:

Last Tuesday and on Friday the 13th, Dearest Anni and I went to the local daily Senior Luncheon. Both meals were disgusting to me – imagine how many ol’ folks ate what was served them by volunteers. Say there may have been 200 of us seated in the room; Anni’s 80-something Mom was served next to last [and then take into consideration that Mom lost another daughter who passed on February 3rd in a so-called healthcare center near Phoenix, Arizona]. The glaze on the heated canned ham and pineapple tidbits was disgusting; but we were so hungry after waiting for more than 30 minutes when the first senior was served.

head 2

Add to this predicktament of that the popularity of seniors enjoying soup… both days the kitchen RAN OUT before all paid customers were served.

Now how hard is it to heat up a couple more cans of soup?!?

donate hands

The death rate is already WAY OVER the national average. Yet, the locals – over 95% of adults interviewed during the last 11 days – seem to think everything is peachy-keen here. I believe this is the reason folks sell their houses to so-called qualified bidders with bloody pre-qualification letters from so-called reputable mortgage bankers/loan ‘sharks’ licensed by the former Silver State of Nevada. Anywho, so what if I could buy a nice home for less than $220,ooo.00!?!

Why would I want to try to live here when more people are fooled into dying here….

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