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Passion Week in Reno

Holy Week of the 2015 Lenten Season

Diocese of Reno in Northern Nevada U.S.A.

Just when things could not seem to get worse, Passion Week is here. Today, I walked over 5 miles to the U.S. Social Security Office here in Reno and was denied both a new SSA Card but was unable to order a Medicare Card… only in Reno, there are local rules they follow.

Sort of like the St. Thomas Aquinas Cathedral Roman Catholic Church has its peculiar rules. Any bag seen unattended is swiped and the RPD bomb squad is called.

Incidently, two uniformed protestant security guards had me leave the church before Mass last Sunday (the 22nd). After I said a rosary in front of the statue of Jesus lying in the arms of his mother Mary on Good Friday, one guy asked me to take my things to the back of the cathedral… only in Reno.

Only in Reno does the poor steal from the homeless. I have lost all my luggage from California, my cell phone, my laptop computer, my smart phone, address book, passport (stolen in Glenwood Springs, Colorado), drivers license, and important paperwork.

Oh Lord have mercy!

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“The Last Resort” Scene 3-27-15

Dateline: Reno, Washoe County, Nevada &

Lockwood, Storey County, Nevada

Friday before Good Friday 2015


Harvey and Buck fail to retrieve lost luggage dumped by VofA black guard last Friday night at 9 a.m. and driven off by white Waste Management Inc. trashman at 4:30 a.m. PDT last Saturday March 22, 2015,

After a l0ng RTC bus ride and hike to the Lockwood Landfill operated by WMI, the tired intrepid ____ find themselves at the Lockwood Market with nothing but postage stamps to purchase cigs, sodas, and lunch.

(to be continued)

Dailey Sun-Chronicles Challenges the Reno City Councilmembers and City Attorney Hill

During Wednesday’s regularly scheduled City Council meeting, Publisher D. A. Dailey made a three-minute presentation about the rude state of socioeconomic affairs in downtown Reno, Nevada.


Several pathetic observations were explained and he begged to get his belongings back that agents of the City of Reno threw away early Saturday morning at their 330 Record Street properties.


Efforts to recover four pieces of luggage and a red backpack from Waste Management, Inc. have so far been unsuccessful. Agents of the City of Reno indicate that the personal property have been buried in their Lockwood Landfill, located more than a dozen miles east of Reno.

Buck Exiled on Reno’s Record Street Ghetto

I made a 3 minute appeal to the Reno City Council today…
things need to be done to improve the treatment of homeless folk.

Met with the director of Catholic Charities counseling and was so frustrated that I asked her to consider to resign… It was at least the sixth time that I went in for help – only once did they and it amounted to assistance on a $7 prescription of anti-biotics.

So, if an organization is masquerading as a very Christian one helping the poor, needy, hungry, children’s, etc… They have taken the good name of St. Vincent in-vain.

Why don’t they just shut their doors… if they don’t muster up.

“St. Vincent Dining Room of Reno” quit serving unnutritious food at your own convenience! Help the homeless! And not just the unborn child.


A letter was written to the Chief Executive Officer of the Catholic Charities of Northern Nevada. No response has been received. No improvements noted in any of the services they are involved with… Happy Holy Wednesday. Go figure…

Monday Morning in the Reno Nevada Ghetto

Fat or is it Phat Girls in Reno


(Woman was captured on film at the Transition Resource Center on 335 Record Street, Reno, Nevada 89512, by Reno TV Channel Two (2) AT 10:10 a.m. PDT)


“I don’t owe me nor society one bit!”, said the young weight challenged homeless ‘junkie.'”

Held Hostage by Reno Police Department Since February 20

Dateline: Thursday, March 19, 2015

10:10 a.m. PDT

[revised Wednesday, April 1st]

St. Joseph’s Feast Day and San Juan Capistrano Annual Flyby

Diocese of Reno in Northern Nevada of the United States of America

The Reno Police keep yelling at me and offering me advice that places me in further danger. After 9 robberies, I no longer have a:

  1. phone,
  2. laptop computer,
  3. wallet,
  4. “federal or state issued photo identification cards”,
  5. money,
  6. passport,
  7. driver’s license,
  8. service-assistance dog,
  9. ability to wager in the big-box casinos,
  10. no bus ticket,
  11. no train ticket or plane trip out of town,
  12. noway to place my own sports bet in a casino sportsbook,
  13. no way to make money,
  14. little prescription medicine,
  15. no bed to sleep,

Oh and I have had pneumonia since 2-23-15, as diagnosed by the local St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center hospital.

p.s. I have a top bunk to sleep in from 4 p.m. to 8 a.m.; My pneumonia recovery is almost complete.

Help may be solicited and received at Community Assistance Center at 335 Record Street, right here in downtown Reno, 89512-3327. c/o David A. Dailey [missionary]

Trying Not to Let 1 Bad Ride on AmTrack from Reno . . . Ruin the Rest of My Hassled Life

DAD Reporting from San Francisco

3/4/15  8:10 p.m. PST


ONLY 30 MILES SOUTH TO GO . . . Cannot get a cab, yet

Amtrak Porter from Chicago

Amtrak Porter from Chicago

Weather Report (not the music group, dumbo) Coast-to-Coast-to-Hawai’ian Coast

Dateline: Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Winter has about 17 days to go on our Julian Calendars

Selected Weather in the United States of America (reporting by Buck Dailey & Associates in the Pacific Standard Time Zone at 5:20 a.m. PST (PDT resumes THIS 3rd Lenten Sunday, except in Hawai’i and Indiana)):

Longboat Key [EST], (Sara-Soda County) Florida  67 degrees and very dense fog

Wailuku (capital of Maui County)Aloha State [HST], 73 degrees and clearing

Washington, D.C.  32 degrees, cloudy and FREEZING

Aspen (Pitkin County seat south of assassinated President Ohioan James Garfield County), Colorado  19 degrees and cloudy with NO chance of snow powder

Gardenville, (County of Douglas) east of beautiful blue Lake Tahoe, Nevada   28 degrees, cold as hell, and some devilish clouds

Redwood City (capital of San Mateo County), California  46 degrees and always a chance of rain when you do not have an umbrella with you or have to walk a mile to the dentist or pawn shop

* pictured below is a southernly view toward Mount ‘Sinai’ near Pitkin County, Western Colorado

Almsgiving the Franciscan Way in Reno . . . outside Moscow . . . in East Los Angeles . . . on Sanibel Island

Dateline: North America

Lenten Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Thanks to the clergy at St. Thomas Aquinas parish, the Bishop Cano of Reno (great homily last Sunday!), and some new homeless friends and gamblers, I am learning more about offering sincere alms for the poor.

Also important is how alms are distributed. More about that later . . .

Friar Father Joshua and I spoke for the first time since he blessed me off on my way from Reno to Palo Alto last January, during a donut hour after the 10 o’clock hour Mass this past Sunday. Friar Father Tom gave one of the best sermons I have heard and seen and felt all year, too!

You should help us here in the Synod of Reno, NOW.

Please wire sufficient funds:

. . .  if you care to, please wire money to either:

  1. via MoneyGram (c/o , Save Mart or Raley’s Nevada)

(David A. Dailey’s cell phone at (312) 237-0386) I could pick your donation-contribution-loan up anytime between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. PST.

  1. or via Western Union

I have been living since Wednesday (2/12/2015) on the streets and have no cash to pay for medicine or travel back to the Bay Area or Colorado for doctor’s appointments. Incidentally, I was informed by the County of Douglas Sheriff deputy [February 18th, our 12th day in town] that being or appearing “homeless” in this town or around Lake Tahoe is a crime punishable by monetary fine, court costs, and imprisonment.

Then I was dumped off in Reno a week ago Friday night by the Douglas County Department of Social Services after one of 17 Sheriff Department deputies I met during my two weeks there told me to leave town.Oh, God bless us and God bless America!

homeless on the street

Thanks be to our Savior Jesus Christ and the mercies and grace that is available! Amen.

  1. Then, if you would please advise us of the transaction /confirmation number and special question answer to me, via e-mail so I can get a working phone line, etc.

B)  via Western Union (c/o Money Tree, Casino, or the Nevada State Bank in Reno, Nevada).or

2nd Sunday of the Christian Lenten Season: Gospel of J.C.’s Transfiguration

The Transfiguration of Jesus Christ upon the Mount _______

Definition of the term “transfiguration” from Noah Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary

(Copyright in 1955 and 1983;

Thirteenth [13th] Edition printed in 1983; ISBN 0-671-41819-X):

(1) To change the figure of; outward appearance;

(2) To transform as to exalt; to elevate and glorify; to idealize;

Jesus Christ [Stained Glass Window facing South at the Menlo Park Presbyterian Church]

Jesus Christ [Stained Glass Window facing South at the Menlo Park Presbyterian Church]


Matthew Chapter 17:1-9

Mark Chapter 9:2-10

Luke Chapter 9:28-36

Tobit 4:8-9 (almsgiving, particularly during Lent)