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Almsgiving the Franciscan Way in Reno . . . outside Moscow . . . in East Los Angeles . . . on Sanibel Island

Dateline: North America

Lenten Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Thanks to the clergy at St. Thomas Aquinas parish, the Bishop Cano of Reno (great homily last Sunday!), and some new homeless friends and gamblers, I am learning more about offering sincere alms for the poor.

Also important is how alms are distributed. More about that later . . .

Friar Father Joshua and I spoke for the first time since he blessed me off on my way from Reno to Palo Alto last January, during a donut hour after the 10 o’clock hour Mass this past Sunday. Friar Father Tom gave one of the best sermons I have heard and seen and felt all year, too!

You should help us here in the Synod of Reno, NOW.

Please wire sufficient funds:

. . .  if you care to, please wire money to either:

  1. via MoneyGram (c/o , Save Mart or Raley’s Nevada)

(David A. Dailey’s cell phone at (312) 237-0386) I could pick your donation-contribution-loan up anytime between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. PST.

  1. or via Western Union

I have been living since Wednesday (2/12/2015) on the streets and have no cash to pay for medicine or travel back to the Bay Area or Colorado for doctor’s appointments. Incidentally, I was informed by the County of Douglas Sheriff deputy [February 18th, our 12th day in town] that being or appearing “homeless” in this town or around Lake Tahoe is a crime punishable by monetary fine, court costs, and imprisonment.

Then I was dumped off in Reno a week ago Friday night by the Douglas County Department of Social Services after one of 17 Sheriff Department deputies I met during my two weeks there told me to leave town.Oh, God bless us and God bless America!

homeless on the street

Thanks be to our Savior Jesus Christ and the mercies and grace that is available! Amen.

  1. Then, if you would please advise us of the transaction /confirmation number and special question answer to me, via e-mail so I can get a working phone line, etc.

B)  via Western Union (c/o Money Tree, Casino, or the Nevada State Bank in Reno, Nevada).or