Weather Report (not the music group, dumbo) Coast-to-Coast-to-Hawai’ian Coast

Dateline: Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Winter has about 17 days to go on our Julian Calendars

Selected Weather in the United States of America (reporting by Buck Dailey & Associates in the Pacific Standard Time Zone at 5:20 a.m. PST (PDT resumes THIS 3rd Lenten Sunday, except in Hawai’i and Indiana)):

Longboat Key [EST], (Sara-Soda County) Florida  67 degrees and very dense fog

Wailuku (capital of Maui County)Aloha State [HST], 73 degrees and clearing

Washington, D.C.  32 degrees, cloudy and FREEZING

Aspen (Pitkin County seat south of assassinated President Ohioan James Garfield County), Colorado  19 degrees and cloudy with NO chance of snow powder

Gardenville, (County of Douglas) east of beautiful blue Lake Tahoe, Nevada   28 degrees, cold as hell, and some devilish clouds

Redwood City (capital of San Mateo County), California  46 degrees and always a chance of rain when you do not have an umbrella with you or have to walk a mile to the dentist or pawn shop

* pictured below is a southernly view toward Mount ‘Sinai’ near Pitkin County, Western Colorado

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  1. Reblogged this on Colorado's Western Slope The Dailey Sun and commented:

    Pray, hope, do a rain dance, or just do something to make it snow here!!

    Tourism during this winter has been an economic disaster… Governor Higgenbotthum should ask President Obama for emergency FEMA assistance; including Katrina-like motorhomes and trailer parks for the homeless population and bankrupt business persons associated with winter weather, spas, amuzement centers, limo services, restaurants, gift shops, etc. in the Eagle – Garfield – Pitkin County areas!

  2. Thanks be to God.

    While it is still partly sunny and cold as hell in Douglas County, Nevada (20 minutes south of the state capital in Carson City), the dense fog has lifted near Pinellas County and the T. Bay Area is now (12:35 p.m. EST) experiencing an SPF of over 5 and temps over 80 degrees F.

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