Trying Not to Let 1 Bad Ride on AmTrack from Reno . . . Ruin the Rest of My Hassled Life

DAD Reporting from San Francisco

3/4/15  8:10 p.m. PST


ONLY 30 MILES SOUTH TO GO . . . Cannot get a cab, yet

Amtrak Porter from Chicago

Amtrak Porter from Chicago

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  1. THANKS B 2 GOD!

    I found a great Yella Cab driver… after awaiting the Yello Cab 333-3333 computerized phone-tree wait of over 8 minutes, the Yellow Dispatcher taking my pickup order promised a cab for me from San Fran Market Street to Alameda de las Pulgas in West Menlo Park to arrive in front of the Mickey D’s at Chevron corporate headquarters within 7 minutes.

    Well, I waited over 12 minutes in the cold San Francisco night outside the 8 p.m. PST closing of my McDonalds. Yes Nelson came to the rescue. But Nelson just happened to be driving by and was open to picking me up.

    It was sad. Dispatch of Yellow rates a D minus.

    Nelson meanwhile, is a native Nigerian with a clean American English Accent. Turns out Nelson ‘Mandela’ Nigerian is a pilot, a jet and propeller pilot instructor to boot. We agreed that the next time he ever picks me up will be from an airpad in Aspen, Kapalua, or South Bend-Notre Dame International Airport in Michiana.

    Worse yet, Yellow’s Yella Dispatcher on-duty quoted me $140 for a longer trip to Menlo Park. Nelson, before I got in the 787 Toyota cab also quoted me $140 for a ride…. go figure this…

    I ended up paying Too-Hundred-Dollas ($200.00) for a ride to Woodside’s Mail Office. By the way, Woodside is not only (1) Closer and a shorter distance from San Francisco than Menlough, AND (2) It is faster to get to Woodside than traveling farther south and east into the ‘war zone’ of the police-corrupted City of Menlo Park . . .

    Yep, even dear Nelly and the corporate giant Yellow Cab Company screwed my federal Social Security March benefit proceeds for more than $60.00 than I had orally con

  2. . . . than I had orally contracted with BOTH the driver AND the Yellow Cab Corporate Dispatcher . . . go figure!!!

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