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7 a.m. On 7/7

7 a.m. On 7/7.

7-7 at 0700 hrs


Colma Estuary


The trip began at 7 a.m. on Ruby Tuesday, July 07, 2015. One public transit bus driver picked two of us up outside of the massive metal, rusty eyesore, and a bunk house for the chronic homeless and dudes in need of emergency temp shelter. And babes, too. No kids, please. No kidding, lose or unload those kids.


Sunrise skies were so brilliantly colored in reds, golden rays, and breathtaking blues. There was divine sunlight revealing to the naked eye how poorly maintained the building and grounds.

Making Decisions On A "Lucky Day"


Let’s take that back. The elderly duffuss’ trip started about ten minutes earlier when Buck swallowed what looked like a honey-eucalyptus cough drop. Time to level this issue. The candied square had a quantity of THC (you know what that mean?).


It had an affect about ten minutes after the church steeple bells. Buck had a short dizzy spell immediately before the priest asked the entire congregation to ask God to forgive them of their sins; and in Buck’s case strive hard to forgive them for trespassing upon him – a target of misplaced hate, evil, phobias, and failures and other good times in life.


Suffice to say, the guest priest celebrating the semi-high mass (some prayers were sung with melody), reported great news about Pope Francis’ travels this week in Ecuador, Uruguay, and Paraguay, S. A.


About three songs later all/we were blessed and dismissed from church.


Perhaps inspired by the Holy Spirit, the next spot was Rolling Pin Donuts. This High-caloric fine establishment is conveniently located only a half block east of Saint Bruno’s Roman Catholic Church.


There was a line of hungry rats eight deep standing at attention waiting for the cashier getting around to giving some customer service to.


By the time Buckrat made it up to the front of the line, he was babbling, shuttering, or stuttering almost inaudible saying something about raised donuts. He never felt stoned but sure spoke as if Buckeroo had really overdone it on the catnip this morning.


For one thing he picked out two raised dough obscenely sweetened rounds and a jelly filled donut and a round spun roll with raisins and cinnamon between the strands of dough that comes out larger than a bearclaw.


It is OK, It is OK. Buck found his stash in the backpack.


Off to the Cal train station. All of a sudden an urge to turn right toward Arichoke Joe’s Casino overwealmed lucky Buck. If there ever was an untoward, greedy, grubbing, cajoling dude, there was this time to move the direction of his life toward a certain secular rat race.





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