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The Good – Bad – and the Ugly Aspects of the Pence-Trump Administration

it is so written in July 2020 (Foggy Bottom, D.C.) – Nothing much too good about the last 3.5 years *except for $1.2K check. Bad is all the deaths in America and Kurds in Syria.

Ugly is the rest of it.

To be continued until mid-January 2021 . . .

Republican Convention Initiative to Nominate Candidates that have a Better Chance to Help the Party Nationwide

July 16, 2020

Where there was no Republican primary, delegates are not bound to the Trump and Pence ticket.
Repubs are upset and very worried that without coattails, they will lose local, state, congressional votes
. . . tens of thousands of Americans have died recently. Trump cannot expect to win women vote due to his history of exploiting them and his public demonstrations for decades of bigotry.
Todays questions for the WH :
1) What are your reaction and plans for the Republican Convention initiative to deny Donald Trump and Mike Pence the nomination?
Since many state primaries were not held in 2020, delegates are not bound to support the incumbent administration.
2) Many Republicans are afraid of landslide losses both in congressional elections and local races and will mount a credible campaign to nominate stronger candidates that have a chance to win back the White House for Republicans and help the party at the local, state, and congressional races.
Follow-Up Question:
 Even though Trump and Pence will lose reelection, is the administration willing to do more to help public health in all 50 states, provide appropriations to help schools implement accommodations in order to hold classes, and help those 20 million Americans who have lost their jobs receive job training and unemployment insurance so that they will be able to support their families and local economic communities this Fall and Winter?
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Good News: Prevailing Westerly Winds are Blowing Hard Toward White House – Time to Eject the Ideas of Trump Around the Covid 19 Virus, Gun Controls, School Openings, etc. etc. etc.

Hoax of the Day from DC – Discredit medical science and spin the truth and reality. Instead, promote the babble of a former TV game show host as if he is an authority on the Centers for Disease Control.

Mr. Trump’s haughty new york attitude is not healthy or reasonable. It would be better if we had no president in the White House than continue tomorrow with the Pence-Trump Covid 19 Task Force.

This author has a native New Yorker as a roommate. We both have emigrated to Northern California where a more balanced attitude prevails in the populace.

Yes, the good news is that the winds of health and safety are blowing toward our nation’s capital… if only Trump and his ball-less staffers would listen and take immediate action.

Please respond with specifics of how to implement plans.




Trump Commuted to 14-Day Quarantine in South Florida


The Sun~Chronicles report that the reigning Governor of the “Sunshine State” must enforce the ‘first family’ 14-day quarantine due to legislative action in Tallahassee.

Air marshals have grounded the aged Air Force One on the tarmac and a motorcade was awaiting Mr. Trump and his entourage following their less than successful fundraisers, which followed the president’s luckless participation in a meeting focusing on drug trafficking.

Much of Mr. Trump’s message fell on deaf ears.

The audience questioned the president’s judgement about many issues other than illicit drugs: Covid 19, gun control, schools, social injustice, and the nerve of Trump to commute the criminal sentence of fellow New Yorker ROGER STONE.

There have been more than 60,000 new cases of Covid 19 most days this past week.

The president’s lack of leadership and good judgment has been questioned by examples every day. His priorities are misplaced. His inaction, particularly on both domestic and foreign policies have been inexcusable.

The 14-day ban from being in the White House may be great for the United States.

The president’s chief-of-staff is considering having Donald where mittens at night so that he will not be able to tweet idiotic statements.

A to Z

WH Fact Checkers Having a Field Day with Trump, Pence, and New Press Secretary Statements since last Monday

Presidential tweets from Camp David this weekend are adding to fact checker burn out.

We should figure that everything from the White House between May and November is a political speech propaganda. Consider this: Over 30 thousand lies have been communicated since January 2017 and countless misleading statements have been made.

The rules for the Trump Administration have been different from the prior 44 presidents. Now in an election year, things will get not better, as will the death toll associated with Covid 19.

It could be amuzing how Trump will put a positive spin on death.

The list of others to blame is also increasing.


Late Night ‘Gaslighting’ from the White House: Eliminating All Immigration – An Effort to Get Ahead of the PR

After a day like 4-20 without smoking a doobie, we might hope that the POTUS would quietly go to bed early.

Not so fast… here comes another tweet.

He needs to figure out how to rescue his public image.


More news in the morning.

trump tweets

Vote for D. A. D. in 2020 — Vote Blue-Green in 2020!!

check our Congressional candidate

via Vote for D. A. D. in 2020 — Vote Blue-Green in 2020!

Time to Discuss Solutions for CLIMATE CHANGE . . . afterall as we sit at home, let us work on an issue we can manage . . .

Earth – April 1, 2020 (this is not a joke) – GREAT TIME TO WORK ON SOLUTIONS TO CLIMATE CHANGE –

Now, let us have a high-profile discussion of solutions and alternatives for CLIMATE CHANGE.  As long as we are sitting around our homes, some of which will be flooded in a decade or so as the polar ice caps and glaciers melt, may we make good use of our time.

Certainly, some of the news cycle about biosafety can include environmental protection and conservation ideas…

Climate Change conditions can be lethal – not just for human beings but countless species.

That is it. This is a life-and-death issue. Scientists know it is a problem. Unfortunately, some political leaders are in denial and inaction – sort of like Trump and Pence were a month ago about Covid-19.

In the USA during an election year, environmental protection is getting some air-time. Given public restraints of social gatherings, the political campaigns have been suspended.

Let us not forget the urgency that governments must react. The sooner the better. The lives of human beings AND many living species of animals and plants are at-risk.

Climate Change is What the World Should be Talking About – Ask George Schultz

George Schultz, who is turning 100 this December said recently,

“There’s an ocean being created in the Arctic, why? Why is the ice cap over Greenland becoming a river? Australia, the whole continent is burning, why?”

Closer to home, he points to California’s intensifying fires and the repeated inundating storms in Houston over recent years and says, “The Gulf of Mexico is the warmest it’s ever been. That means you’ve got a lot of evaporation, and what goes up must come down. So it’s not a mystery.”

For years, Mr. Shultz has advocated what he calls a revenue-neutral carbon tax, which he says would cut fossil fuel consumption while encouraging renewable energy research and development, and job-creating innovation.

“The New Normal” Must the U.S.A. Never Be the Same?!? May We Go Back to Our American Lives, Now Mr. Governor Nuisance and President Dump and Veep Mikey?!?

The Dailey Sun~Chronicles (First Days of Spring 2020) – Northern California – RESUMPTION OF OUR AMERICAN LIVES [I mean freedom!]

It is almost like someone stole my childhood. I do feel like Governor Gavin Newsom has stolen/kidnapped/sexually abused me.

Note: This is a work in progress… last updated 5:15 p.m. EDT on Saturday, March 22nd.

This stone is from Cedar Lake Park in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

My brother Dan L. and his lovely wife Holly Ramsay Dailey had a lot to do with conserving the neighborhood park. God bless their souls…

May we have a discussion now about Climate Change?!?

Enough about the virus. There must be more than 2,000 identified viruses that are pathogenic (harmful). The American public is not educationally sophisticated enough to self-evaluate the risks associated with it.