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Parody Edition: Jokes for 2029

The San Dailey Sun~Chronicles

Parody Edition

Headlines from the year 2029… *


  • Japanese scientists have created a camera with such a fast shutter speed, they now can photograph a woman with her mouth shut.

(hey! Settle down, I just repeated it.  I didn’t write it!)


  • Ozone created by electric cars is now killing millions in the seventh largest country in the world, “Mexifornia” formally known as California.  White minorities still trying to have English recognized as “Mexifornia’s” third language.


  • A Spotted Owl plague threatens northwestern United States crops and livestock.


  • One baby was conceived naturally, scientists are stumped.


  • Couple petitions court to reinstate heterosexual marriage.


  • The last remaining Fundamentalist Muslim dies in the American Territory of the Middle East (formerly known as Iran, Afghanistan, Syria and Lebanon).


  • The area of Iraq is still closed off; nuclear physicists estimate it will take at least 10 more years before radioactivity decays to safe levels.


  • France pleads for global help after being taken over by Jamaican Rastafarians.


  • Castro Jr. finally dies at age 112; Cuban cigars can now be imported legally, but President Chelsea Clinton has banned all smoking.


  • George Z. Bush, adopted son of Jeb Bush, says he will run for President in 2032.


  • The United States Postal Service raises the price of a first-class stamp to

$12.89 and reduces mail delivery to Wednesdays only.


  • Revealed in an 85-year, federally-funded $75.8 billion study: Diet and Exercise are the key to weight loss.


  • The average weight of Americans drops to 250 lbs.


  • The State of Massachusetts executes its last remaining conservative.


  • The Supreme Court rules punishment of criminals violates their civil rights.


  • Donald J. Trump receives another pardon from President Clinton.


  • The average height of NBA players is now eight feet, seven inches.


  • A new federal law requires that all nail clippers, screwdrivers, fly swatters and rolled-up newspapers must be registered by January 2036.


  • Congress authorizes direct deposit of formerly illegal political contributions to campaign accounts.


  • A Capitol Hill intern is indicted for refusing to have sex with a congressperson.


  • The IRS sets the lowest income tax rate at 55 percent.


  • Florida voters are still having trouble with voting machines.


george carlincomedian from heaven

=                  =                  =


* (Jokes originally written in 2005)

The San Dailey Sun~Chronicles : That Was The Week That Was in the USA

The San Dailey Sun~Chronicles

“All the Good News” “News You Can Use”
“No Rumors, No Fakes – Just the Facts, Jack!”
“Newspapers are worth at least the price you pay; if it is free, it is worth nothing”

Volume VII, Issue 8      Friday, June 1, 2018      ***** Edition     Only $1


TWWTW: That Was
the Week That Was in America

In the North American Wild West . . .

Dateline: Carson City, Nevada

Next to the infamous MOONLIGHT Bunny Ranch, owner Dennis Hof plans to open an anti-ageing Rejuvenation Center.

Dateline: Federal Way, Washington

An overturned semi spilled over 40,000 pounds of chicken feathers onto Interstate 5; it took over 4 hours to clean-up the closed freeway.

Dateline: Anchorage, Alaska

State officials have released a plan to reduce “greenhouse gases” by 30%.
= = =

Along the North Atlantic Coast . . .

Dateline: Kennebunkport, Maine

President George H.W. Bush attended the monthly pancake breakfast of American Legion Post 159; regrettably, he could not stay for the annual Memorial Day parade.


Dateline: Tiverton, Rhode Island

The Twin River Casino will open ahead of schedule, which was September 1st.
= = =

In the American Heartland . . .

Dateline: Cassopolis, Michigan

Authorities have restored Stephen Bogue’s home, which was a station of the Underground Railroad during the 1850s and 1860s/


Dateline: Bismarck, North Dakota

The chairman of the state’s Republican Party quit.


Dateline: Cleveland, Tennessee

Feds acknowledged that they did a
DEA raid on a family’s home erroneously.

= = =


Respect [the safety pin reminds us to respect all]

Elsewhere in the United State of America . . .

Dateline: Sarasota, Florida

A couple woke up to find a 300-pound alligator in their swimming pool.


copyright MMXVIII – Max’s Scout Services & Communications of the Americas –
“The San Dailey Sun~Chronicles”

Psychoanalysis of a Life Changing Event [for my ex-wif]

May Day 2018

No not for this author but for my ex- and only wif during my 64+ years.

The irony is I thought that Beatles song would mirror my own life (you know, … Vera, Chuck, and Dave) when I attained this age of mine despite using all kinds of recreational drugs (no H or smack) during my ‘formative years’ – when coincidently I met my wif during college days in the Big Ten Conference – and engaging for pay in some dangerous and unsafe activities (fyi, I became a safety engineer in 1979 – when coincidently I married my wife near Lake Michigan – we did not have issues until we arrived in the ‘land of milk and honey’ Northern California).

You would think I’d be mildly upset that my college honey decided to remarry an atheist, who lived next door between 1995 and 2007 – when coincidently I moved to Sonoma County wine country, alone.

Naw she could not understand how elated I was that she would be able to retire next week and not have to work in a preschool daycare center until she aged to 80 or so. My vows specifically stated ‘until death do y’all part’ and I had still felt responsibility for her health insurance premiums, mortgage payments, property taxes, raising our daughter, and the re-sale value on a $2 to $3,000,000.00 house in beautiful County of San Mateo.

Fortunately, the divorce proceedings she handled her self and but I hired a lawyer only to be shafted after we’d been separated for a year or so.

What I thought was my second love of my life, was lost because Susan was so honorable that we refrained from ‘hanky panky’ until my first divorce was finalized. The time was not right for us and I suffered a broken heart.


Today, I am thinking that I would not have incurred a broken heart if my ex-wif did not drag her feet meddling with the legal paperwork and dirty-dealing with my lawyer and the divorce court judge in his chambers, no less. Dear Susan and I could not wait… I recall breaking up on the Fourth of July, no less.

Like a cat falling, I always have tried to land on my feet after losing a relationship or changing jobs.

Death is a subject which I have researched. Taking a lesson from Kubler-Ross, I should be angry, then go through denial, and now begin to cry. So I am trying to cry today so my subconscious can, as my Mom would say, “David, get over it.”

I should just write it off that my ex-wif decided on “a marriage of convenience.”

Excuse me, I am going to take a nap.

Index of the Seven Essays in this Series

Psychoanalysis of DBD’s Life-Changing Event in 2018

Part One


Part 2


Part III


Part IV


Part V


Part VI


Part VII



copyright 2018

Max’s Scout Services & Communications of the Americas

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“Natural Shock” Performance-Presentation Outstanding in San Francisco

Maryssa Wanless performed the one-woman play “Natural Shocks” on Monday night at PianoFIght in San Francisco. Produced by Utopia Theatre Project, Wanless’ performance was part of a nationwide participation of theatre activism to end gun violence. Written by Lauren Gunderson, one of today’s most prolific and successful screenwriters, “Natural Shocks” is based upon Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’ and that famous question of “to be or not to be.”

Wanlass Headshot by Tasi Alabastro.JPG

Gunderson was so shocked by the recent outburst of gun violence at Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida that it brought to mind the gun violence almost 20 years ago at Columbine High in Littleton, Colorado. She dedicated “Natural Shocks” play to be used as vehicle to help put an end to gun violence. All royalties and fees have been waived so that any theatre group or community who wanted to put on the 65-minute monologue could do so for free.

Making this as an opportunity for Utopia Theatre Project to not only raise funds for EveryTown for Gun Safety, a non-profit working to end gun violence, but also as a way for people to discuss this pressing issue.

The mood on Monday night at PianoFight was intense as the audience hung on every word that Wanlass powerfully delivered. Despite the play’s serious subject matter, humor at times prevailed.

Since Gunderson’s release of her play, performances and staged readings of “Natural Shocks” have been performed in many places all over the nation. Gunderson’s aim was to have it performed in all 50 states.

Wanless is the Artistic Director of Utopia Theatre Project and she has this to say, “I believe theatre is transformative because it has transformed me and the people I work with on a daily basis. Theatre asks its audiences and participants to extend their thinking beyond themselves and step into the experience of another person.”

After Wanlass was finished her thought-provoking performance there was a “Q & A” with the audience in which also included Director, Laura Jane Bailey.

While the venue at PianoFight only holds 50 people, the ability for important subjects and issues to be presented in an intimate theatrical space makes an impact.

Utopia Theatre Project was founded in 2014 by emerging Japanese-American playwright, Anne Yumi Kobori because she believes in artist-produced live theatre as a unique and powerful form of human connection using the theatrical art form to invoke social change through the telling of non-traditional stories.

Natural Shocks at San Francisco’s PianoFight – Monday, April 23, 2018

National Campaign To End Gun Violence


Reported by Tony

Photography by Tasi Alabastro


“Natural Shocks” is the fourth production (“Seeds” was the third) in Utopia’s inaugural season and is certainly a unique theatrical experience. Yet, even more so is the fact that this was history in the making using theater as a form of social activism.


For more information about “Natural Shocks” at Utopia Theatre Project visit: and for more about the project, “Natural Shocks” visit:

Resilience ( by Mark Taylor thee Canberry Psychologists)

via There’s no one way to describe what resilience looks like and no-one is resilient all of the time. Below are some characteristics that we might expect to see in a student who is coping well or is resilient.resilience

Go Fund Me promotion


donations, please.


Provide assistance for funeral, Irish wake, cemetery headstone, and burial services.

In March 2013, D. A. D. took a vow of poverty, liquidating his 401K, ended up losing out to ‘storage war’, and failed to maintain life insurance payment.  Although not in-debt, he has been afraid to be a burden to his family.

May God bless us and the U.S.!

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fyi . . .


They Call it the “Sweet Sixteen” of “March Madness” a.k.a. “The Big Dance”

The first two rounds have produced the most amazing results in the history of NCAA college basketball. Including the improbable 20-point upset of #1 Virginia, by the #16 University of Maryland Baltimore County Retrievers, among the survivors are two #11 seeded teams and two #7 seeds.

In the opening round alone, there were nine upsets. Most notably two #13 seeded teams – the Bulls from the University of New York at Buffalo and outplayed higher #4 seeds.

If the madness continues, perhaps the #9 Seminoles from Florida will win the West, the #3 Red Raiders of Texas become the East Regional Champ, the Midwest will be represented by a group of #5 Clemson Tigers from South Carolina, and #11 Loyola University of Chicago ramble away with the South title on the way to the Final Four this Easter weekend.

There remains four teams from the Atlantic Coast Conference, four of the Big 12 Conference (that really only has ten members – whereby it seems that everyone but Iowa State got chosen from that Big [Roman-numeral] XII Conference to be in this year’s tournament), and two of the only four nominated Big Ten Conference (that has 14 major colleges) basketball teams are in the running to be this season’s national champion.

So, what is it going to be?

Big Ten teams must defeat colleges from the state of Texas to advance. Out of 68 schools selected: Yes, two teams from Michigan and Indiana remain after two dropped during the Round of 32; granted when only four of 14 colleges made the class of March Madness’ selection judges.

These are Texas schools from different conferences making their way in the tournament with two more wins in-a row to play in the Final Four deep in the heart of Texas (not in Dallas, Arlington, or Austin, but near the Alamo). Texas Tech or Texas A&M would be rewarded with a home court advantage because the Final Four will be played in San Antonio.

The immature Kentucky Wildcats might be thinking that it owns the South Region that begins play in Atlanta this Thursday evening, because the four higher ranked teams from that bracket have already been upset and eliminated. Or is Kentucky’s number coming up. After all, look the Lexington Wildcats’ starting lineup is filled with freshmen.

Given that a school from the Washington D.C. beltway has already hit the biggest upset in history – overcoming 315 to 1 odds – can the Bulldogs from the Washington state zag their way to the Final Four.

The state of Kansas still has two chances to win the title; Note that is more than the number selected from the state of California. The Selection Committee picked more teams from Florida and Kansas to be in the tournament than from California or Illinois or Indiana . . . go figure.

One, only one of the sixteen remains from the state of North Carolina and it is not a Tar Heel, Wolfpack, or Deacon… the Duke University Blue Devils.

How is it luck? There are two designated #11 seeds and another two #7 seeds in the running for the national championship. It is impossible that the teams from Reno and Chicago can both become part of the “Elite Eight” because they face off against one another this Thursday evening.

us basket

Check with my listing tomorrow for my predictions in this round of the “Sweet Sixteen” and “Elite Eight”.

” Seeds” Premiering in San Francisco in March

The World Premier of
March 9 – 24, 2018
Friday and Saturday Evenings at 7 p.m.
At the PianoFight
144 Taylor Street, San Francisco

The Utopia Theatre Project is concluding their inaugural season with the world premiere of “Seeds.” This original work explores the contemporary themes of sexual identity, masculinity, and sexual assault, all through the lens of World War II.

The world premiere of Seeds, written and directed by emerging
Japanese-American playwright and company founder, Anne Yumi Kobori.

Emerging Japanese-American playwright, Anne Yumi Kobori spans America, England, and France in the telling of Seeds, which follows a group of allied soldiers who become bound by a terrible secret. Nine actors embody four women and five men all who are struggling to make sense of their wartime experiences. They are conflicted on whether or not to keep their disturbing memories in the past in order to move on with their lives. They find that even the deepest buried secrets have the capacity to sprout and come to light. This ensemble-driven play weaves in and out of time to unearth the painful truth at the center of each character.

Ticket link:

Playwrite Kobori says, “My artistic impulse with Seeds was to write into the paths ordinary people take to rebuild their lives after cataclysmic acts of violence – both global and personal. I hope to create a dialogue about the possibilities of forgiveness for the perpetrators of violence as well as the victims.”

“Seeds” takes a compassionate and sometimes humorous view of not only the soldiers who are impacted by war, but also the women who are their family, lovers, and casualties. In the exploration of the impact of war on human relationships, Seeds joins in the movement to listen to, and believe in, women’s stories.

Maryssa Wanlass says, “As the artistic director of Utopia Theatre Project I take great pleasure in bringing together diverse and talented artists. “Seeds” is an ensemble-based play which follows more than one storyline set in WWII. I’m intrigued by the way Anne and her talented team bring this community of interconnected characters to life.”


Cast Members:

“Seeds” features performances by nine Bay Area favorites Laura Jane Bailey*, Ella Francis, Linda Maria Giron, Elliott Hanson, Jeremy Alan Howard, Melissa Ortiz*, and Christian Haines*.

Laura Jane Bailey as Betsy
Laura Jane Bailey* most recently performed with Aurora Theatre in Luna Gale (Cindy) and Mud Blue Sky (Angie), TheatreWorksSV in Crimes of the Heart (Chick), San Francisco Playhouse in Man of LaMancha (Governor), City Lights Theatre Company in Fat Pig (Helen), Crowded Fire in Juan Gelion Dances For The Sun (Abbess), Boxcar Theatre in Equus (Dora/Hester), Arabian Shakespeare in The Message (Lylee), Dragon Theatre in Les Laisions Dangereuses (Merteuil), and Bad Dates (Haley Walker) and Impact Theatre in Crevice (Kathleen) for which she won a Bay Area Theatre Critics Circle award.
Originally from Chicago, she performed in Famous Door’s Cider House Rules and with Cobalt Ensemble Theatre’s Tattoo Girl, I Am Yours, and Raised in Captivity. Jane studied at Actors’ Center Chicago, Second City, Improv Olympic and graduated from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

Ella Ruth Francis as Carolyn:
Ella Ruth Francis is making her Utopia Theatre Project debut in Seeds. She is currently playing Juliet in Romeo and Juliet (San Francisco Shakespeare Festival). Ruth is a graduate of the Professional Actor Training Program at the Pacific Conservatory Theatre on the central coast.

Linda Maria Girón as Emma:
Linda Maria Girón past credits include: María in La Posarela (SFBATCO), Jennifer Sanchez in How To Be A White Man (Faultline Theater) and Feste in Twelfth Night: Acoustic Rock Musical (Actors Ensemble of Berkeley). A rising playwright, Girón extends her passion for exploring Latinx identity in her works: white iris and Memoria del Silencio.

Elliott Hanson as Corey:
Elliott Hanson performed in Parade with the Huntington Theatre Company, Charlie Cox Runs With Scissors in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and The Soap Myth alongside television legend Ed Asner in a Marin Theatre Company co-production. He organized and performed in a traveling musical theatre showcase throughout Madrid.

Jeremy Alan Howard as Matt:
Jeremy Alan Howard performed in Theatre Rhinoceros’ production of The Normal Heart. He performed in numerous shows at Chapman University, most notably Intimate Apparel, Picnic, and RENT. Other significant credits include: Hamlet (Shakespeare Orange County), Spring Awakening (Top Hat 8 Repertory), and Left Behind, Waiting (OC Centric).

Christian Haines* as Jake:
Christian Haines* Is the winner of 2016 TBA Award for Outstanding Male Actor in Value Over Replacement at PlayGround. He performed in The Moonrisers, The Seagull (Utopia Theatre Project) Jihad Jones, Value Over Replacement (TBA Award for Featured Actor), Romeo & Juliet, Miss Julie, Death of a Salesman, Aloysius in New York, Escape from Roosevelt Island, Bartleby the Scrivener, Cloud 9, Macbeth, King John, 5th of July, This is Our Youth and many more.

Christian Haines has also directed Ross Valley Player’s Bus Stop which was selected as one the “Top 10 Theatrical Experiences of 2017” by TwoOnTheAisle and the San Francisco Bay Area Theatre Critics Circle selected Bus Stop for their “SFBATCC Go See!” program.

Melissa Ortiz* as Masha:
Melissa Ortiz* past credits include Masha in The Seagull (Utopia Theatre Project), Emily in Value Over Replacement, Julie in Miss Julie, Rhonda in Surf City, Shirley in 5th of July, Edward/Victoria in Cloud 9, and Echo in Eleemosynary. She received her MFA in Acting from the National Theatre Conservatory in Denver, Colorado.

Anne Yumi Kobori – Playwright and Director:
Anne Yumi Kobori founded Utopia Theatre Project in 2014 because she believes in artist-produced live theatre as a unique and powerful form of human connection. In 2017 Kobori adapted Anton Chekhov’s The Seagull for Utopia Theatre Project’s inaugural experiential production. Kobori’s performance credits include: The Seagull, Stories from Silence (Utopia Theatre Project), The Winter’s Tale, Hamlet on Tour (SF Shakespeare Festival), the title role in Hamlet, Othello, Tempest (Silicon Valley Shakespeare), A Message (Arabian Shakespeare Festival), A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Woman’s Will), Miss Saigon (Palo Alto Players), and numerous ShotzSF comedy shorts.

Her plays The Flapper and Seeds have been performed in the New Playwrights’ Festival at Santa Clara University. She has directed shows with SF Shakespeare Festival, Los Altos Youth Theatre, Utopia Theatre Project, and Greenwood Players.

Maryssa Wanlass – Artistic Director:
Maryssa Wanlass is a Bay Area based actor, director, and teaching artist. Wanlass* has been seen as an actor across the stages of the Bay Area and also carries her social justice theatre work into the correctional system and with at-risk young adults. Performance highlights include As You Like (CalShakes), Hamlet, Winter’s Tale (San Francisco Shakespeare Festival), Persuasion (San Jose Stage) and Crime and Punishment (San Jose Repertory Theatre). Her directing work has been showcased with The Free Theater, ShotzSF, and San Francisco Shakespeare Festival.

More About the Utopia Theatre Project:

Utopia Theatre Project uses the theatrical art form to invoke social change through the telling of non-traditional stories. Seeds is the third production in Utopia’s inaugural season.

The first production was Chekhov’s The Seagull, directed by Maryssa Wanlass* and adapted by Anne Yumi Kobori featured a diverse and gender imaginative cast, as well as immersive and intimate staging, The Seagull was performed from May 6-19, 2017.

Their second production was Stories from Silence – an American Dream Play which was a series of original works by Bay Area artists responding to the epidemic of sexual abuse and assault. Stories from Silence was performed November 30 – December 9, 2017.

About the Playhouse PianoFight:

A nightlife hub located in the heart of San Francisco’s theatre district boasting two stages, a cabaret space, and a popular bar, and restaurant, Attendees are invited to come early for light jazz and dinner in the cabaret space, and stay after the show for excellent cocktails and more musical acts.


WHAT: Utopia Theatre Project presents Seeds

WHEN: Fridays and Saturdays, March 9 to 24, 2018.
All performances at 7:00 p.m. No intermission.
Talkback with artists following the show.

WHERE: PianoFight – 144 Taylor St. San Francisco, CA. 94102. (415) 816-3691

TICKETS: $20 Advance / $25 at the Door / Students and Seniors – $12.50 / VIPs – $35.

Ticket link: