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St. Dan Louis’ Web-Blog from Estella Vista, West Texas (written by St. Danny in 2009) fyi: DLD passed away on 11-22-2016

My older brother had a thing about numerology, anniversaries (Kennedy assassination conspiracy theories, etc.), justice particularly for minors with a real rough childhood, and establishing a safe haven for those that could benefit from “getting away from it (rat races) all” where the southwest Texas desert air and mountains offer a respite that will last an improved lifetime.


If you have never red any of his writings, now is the time to also pray that Dan L. has no more time to spend in purgatory, which he believed was only a Catholic myth. Enjoy his style and messages often hidden within the paragraphs and diagrams:

“Estrella Vista”

HC-65, Box 243 A

Alpine, TX  79830


432/ 371-xxxx

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Dailey Sun-Chronicles Challenges the Reno City Councilmembers and City Attorney Hill

During Wednesday’s regularly scheduled City Council meeting, Publisher D. A. Dailey made a three-minute presentation about the rude state of socioeconomic affairs in downtown Reno, Nevada.


Several pathetic observations were explained and he begged to get his belongings back that agents of the City of Reno threw away early Saturday morning at their 330 Record Street properties.


Efforts to recover four pieces of luggage and a red backpack from Waste Management, Inc. have so far been unsuccessful. Agents of the City of Reno indicate that the personal property have been buried in their Lockwood Landfill, located more than a dozen miles east of Reno.

Weather Report (not the music group, dumbo) Coast-to-Coast-to-Hawai’ian Coast

Dateline: Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Winter has about 17 days to go on our Julian Calendars

Selected Weather in the United States of America (reporting by Buck Dailey & Associates in the Pacific Standard Time Zone at 5:20 a.m. PST (PDT resumes THIS 3rd Lenten Sunday, except in Hawai’i and Indiana)):

Longboat Key [EST], (Sara-Soda County) Florida  67 degrees and very dense fog

Wailuku (capital of Maui County)Aloha State [HST], 73 degrees and clearing

Washington, D.C.  32 degrees, cloudy and FREEZING

Aspen (Pitkin County seat south of assassinated President Ohioan James Garfield County), Colorado  19 degrees and cloudy with NO chance of snow powder

Gardenville, (County of Douglas) east of beautiful blue Lake Tahoe, Nevada   28 degrees, cold as hell, and some devilish clouds

Redwood City (capital of San Mateo County), California  46 degrees and always a chance of rain when you do not have an umbrella with you or have to walk a mile to the dentist or pawn shop

* pictured below is a southernly view toward Mount ‘Sinai’ near Pitkin County, Western Colorado

Life — You Are Probably Too Young to Remember the Good Life — Too Bad Too Many Cannot Take Time to Read the Truth

Dateline: 21st Century in the U.S.A.

Being an older geezer, I have read, listened, seen, felt, tasted, and been screwed more than 95% of Americans (South and Central Americans included with us Tex-Mex, French-Canadian, White-Trash, Punk-Ass, Jive-Ass, Self-Centered, Elitist, New-Money-Rich, Stuck-Up, Bitches, Brothers, and Thieving North Americans).


Tune in tomorrow for tomorrow’s version of “The Last Resort” showing and describing what has happened during the last 45 episodes of 2015 A.D.

homeless on the street

Mount Sopris Caught in a Dusting of Snowfall on Monday

Mount Sopris Caught in a Dusting of Snowfall on Monday.


Non-Violence and Ecological Wisdom

The Green Party has great ideas as we enter 2014:

Ecological Wisdom

  • How can we operate human societies with the understanding that we are part of nature, not on top of it?
  • How can we live within the ecological and resource limits of the planet, applying our technological knowledge to the challenge of an energy efficient economy?
  • How can we build a better relationship between cities and countryside?
  • How can we guarantee the rights of non-human species?
  • How can we promote sustainable agriculture and respect for self-regulating natural systems?
  • How can we further biocentric wisdom in all spheres of life?

  • How can we develop effective alternatives to our  current patterns of violence at all levels, from the family and the street to nations and the world?
  • How can we eliminate nuclear weapons from the face of  the Earth without being naive about the intentions of other governments?
  • How can we most constructively use nonviolent methods to oppose practices and policies with which we disagree, and in the  process reduce the atmosphere of polarization and selfishness that is itself a source of violence?

Busing is BAD for North America

All North American students and public transportation riders must have safe, reliable, green-friendly, ethically-good, and legal means of travel to school, medical treatments, shopping, recreational activities, church, and work.

This is NOT the case around here.

god answered

For instance, contrary to the 1963 United States Supreme Court decision, Brown v. Board of Education, student and rider rights are being VIOLATED.

(part 1 of a series)

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Suicide Prevention… for Teens, too

Early Onset of Death & Suicide Prevention
with a Special Emphasis for Children and Young Adults

Points To Consider:
1. Suicide, as well as other terminal physical and mental illnesses, can be prevented.
2. It is usually not beneficial to determine “fault” when someone dies; rather we could react in a more beneficial, compassionate, medical and scientific, and responsible manner(s).
3. Taking One’s Own Life Is Often a Sign of Illness (Therefore, suicide would not mean eternal damnation).
4. There is a broad stigma against receiving mental health care throughout the United States. Furthermore, often restrictive insurance rules work against receiving assistance or coverage for mental health care services or medication.
5. How much can an individual actually understand about their dire situation or that of a loved one?

For instance throughout Northern California there is a stigma and many misunderstandings and great anger toward homeless people – both adults and children. Those homeless are often forced into a less-than-human lifestyle. Granted, there are some men and women who elect to be homeless.
Many who do not understand homeless people, exhibit hatred, or stigmatize others may call them asses or other inappropriate names.

Reasons for choosing this homeless lifestyle may be as noble as to reduce their “carbon footprint” on the environment, reduce the level of stress and responsibilities, save money, or to hide from something in their past.


• Cal-Train / San Mateo Transit Agency / Southern Pacific Railroad MUST lead by taking immediate action.

• All transit police agencies – including Bay Area Rapid Transit police – need to act professionally and responsibly, as soon as possible.

• City of Menlo Park, City of San Mateo, City of Mountain View, Town of Atherton and other peace officers should get involved in a positive manner.

• The Sheriffs of Santa Clara, San Mateo, and San Francisco counties are elected to serve and protect the people. They MUST require the owners of the railroad properties where dead bodies have been found to follow all applicable laws and urge immediate engineering and administrative improvements!


After seeing the DVD out-takes on “Silver Linings Playbook,” I appreciated the movie even more so.
Central to at least three characters’ development was mental health.

dance sing live

There were two endings shot. The one which aired in theatres was simple, “soupier” yet wonderfully joyful – whereas two who had received mental health care fell deeply in love. This was also the end result of the alternative ending.

My favorite was the second ending. It demonstrated:
(1) Compassion toward young adults with phobias,
(2) How much the central character learned about a positive approach and how far he improved,
(3) Understanding and patience toward others,
(4) A great sense of humor, and
(5) How “normal” mental illness diagnoses are.

Another Wild Ride (via SamTrans and CalTrain) Monday

I no longer hate Mondays.

I no longer plan on “going to work” on Mondays. You should do so, too.
My beloved and close friends (and quite a few new ones) spent our whole afternoon in F*@kin’ Shallow Palo Alto park, located just a block’s cannon shot north of University (that is Stanford University) Avenue.

We jawed about all kinds of shit, including chicken shit.

stigma mindfullness

Most Dangerous Cars Driven in these United States

Empirical evidence confirms that the most dangerous car drivers in Northern California, Southern Indiana, and other states are:

1) Volvo

2) Toyota Prius – Outnumbers any other model or make

3) Tesla “all-electric” – Do not try to jump-start the Tesla

4) Lexus

5) Ford SUVs (stupid gas-sucking undesirable driving vehicles)

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