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Another Wild Ride (via SamTrans and CalTrain) Monday

I no longer hate Mondays.

I no longer plan on “going to work” on Mondays. You should do so, too.
My beloved and close friends (and quite a few new ones) spent our whole afternoon in F*@kin’ Shallow Palo Alto park, located just a block’s cannon shot north of University (that is Stanford University) Avenue.

We jawed about all kinds of shit, including chicken shit.

stigma mindfullness


Most Dangerous Cars Driven in these United States

Empirical evidence confirms that the most dangerous car drivers in Northern California, Southern Indiana, and other states are:

1) Volvo

2) Toyota Prius – Outnumbers any other model or make

3) Tesla “all-electric” – Do not try to jump-start the Tesla

4) Lexus

5) Ford SUVs (stupid gas-sucking undesirable driving vehicles)

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CNN’s Top Ten of 2010 Scientific Achievements (Curiosity landing on Mars was #1)

These are not Dailey's scienific achievement rankings

These are not Dailey’s scienific achievement rankings

10. Lytro Camera

9. Vesta meteor

8. The ‘God particle’ discovery

7. Bumgarners jump from ionosphere

6. Medical solution to Cambodian deaths EV71

5. Spacex launch

4. Great Barrier Reef destruction assessed
½ of coral lost and destroyed over the last 27 years

3. Cameron’s Ocean diving down to 35.000 feet

2. Melting ice polar ice sheets

1. Curiosity
7 minutes of terror in Mars landing

“Which candidate’s platform, past efforts, leadership skills, and integrity can help you the most during the next four years?”

Take action for this cause Tuesday. VOTE.

The “Crossroads of America” ideally should not be to the Far Right or Leftist. The days of Right Wing Reactionists deserve to be left in the past. Bigotry, ignorance, and inequality don’t belong in the middle of the United States of America. The John Birch Society and Klu Klux Klan were more popular in Indiana than many Hoosiers are willing to admit.

May more moderate political views and government principles and laws prevail in Mid-America.

John Gregg is the “common sense” choice as Indiana Governor.

The politics of fear is a key element of Tea Party ideology. Making judgments \

in an atmosphere of fear, yields bad decisions.

Challenger, 6-term congressman Mike Pence embodies the Tea Party.

No state can risk electing this kind of leader.

Check out Indiana Women against Mike Pence

Extreme Doxology Is Not Appropriate for Middle America

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Over the years many people ask others prior to a national election, “Are you better off than you were four year ago?”

This single question would determine which candidate would win your vote.

That was then, this is now. Life is no simpler (although tasks may be easier).

I ask you that this year a more appropriate question would be, “Which candidate’s platform, past efforts, leadership skills, and integrity can help you the most during the next four years?”

= = = = =

Governors and the President function much like State and Federal “CEOs.”  Voters are on the Board of Directors. Citizens should select good state Governors (John Gregg) and a national President (Barack Obama)

Politicians keep saying that the 2012 elections are about jobs. Look what Romney’s Bain has done! Are “common sense-Americans” going to endorse this with a vote for that guy?

Shall we focus on job creation (earning a paycheck above the minimum wage)? This kind of change is important. Job in-sourcing with a living wage within America really should become the norm rather than the exception!

Within Mid-America is Indiana. John Gregg (D) has a superior performance record compared to Mike Pence (R). After almost 12 years in Congress, Pence has never sponsored a bill that became law. He never has proposed a job creation bill. Throughout Gregg’s public career, John has championed bipartisan projects. His future objective is to attract high-tech companies to America’s Heartland.

Extreme Doxology Not Appropriate for Middle America

Take action for this cause Tuesday. VOTE.

God help the voters save our United States of America!


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That Was Then, This Is Now

Conventional wisdom, like most everything else, has undergone some changes. Americans have a fine opportunity during the next 72 hours to look forward with an understanding of past historical events, political issues, and state of this – that – and the other thing.

Then: Grand Old Party (GOP)
Now: Greed Oppression Piety

Over the years many people have told others prior to a national election to ask themselves,

 “Are you better off than you were four years ago?”

It was this one question would determine which candidate would win your vote.

That was then, this is now.

Life is no simpler (although tasks may be easier).

I beg you that this year a more appropriate question would be,

“Which candidate’s platform, past efforts, leadership skills, and integrity can help you the most during the next four years?”


The State and Federal “CEOs” get a lot of the blame and some of the credit.

The short of it is:

Vote (for instance): For people with integrity.

Governor (John Gregg)

President (Barack Obama)


This Ad paid for by Volunteers from the Green Party of California Looking Out for

Our Brethren Back Home in Indiana

Obama & Biden Prescription is the Best Option for America’s Next Decade

Rx = Obama & Biden = Hope of USA Recovery

What happens during the next two years in Congress will have a profound effect on the Earth’s welfare and events around the world for at least twenty years.

Take a look at what is happening in the United States’ heartland, in the “Crossroads of America”, the formerly Great State of Indiana.

Democratic Gubernatorial Nominee John Gregg is up against a formidable opponent who wants another paid-politician’s job in downtown Indianapolis. Gregg’s republican challenger’s TV ads speak little of Pence’s outspoken right-wing congressional career in D.C.

We hope for the good of Indiana and all neighboring states of Illinois, Michigan, and Ohio and Kentucky, too, that John Gregg will end the republican regime (the last 8 years ruled by “Governor Dan Mitchell” who has already signed on with Purdue) of Indiana’s beautiful limestone statehouse.

The result of Indiana’s May Republican Primary, unseated the world-respected and experienced United States Senator Dick Lugar, with the candidacy of right-wing State Treasurer Richard “Dick” Mourdock.

Mourdock prides himself on his uncompromising political methods and seems to believe that such behaviors practiced as a bureaucrat are readily transferable to a diplomatic statesmanship job description of anyone of his ilk in the United States Congress.

Should the Democratic Party nominee Joe Donnelly, who has three U.S. House of Representatives terms of experience, not win the Indiana Senate seat?

I hope Donnelly will win. If Dick Mourdoch wins, Indiana will become like another Kentucky with two “red” senators from the Republican right-wing doctrine.

Who knows? Then, we may see a resurgence of the KKK within mid-America.

It might be funny in a few months but now it is scary to think that too many hoosiers of voting age do not plan to vote in the upcoming November 6th 2012 General Election.

Is it ironic with so much currently “on the line” that the actual voter turnout may be less than 50% by Election Day on November 6.

Why in the world . . . would Americans not exercise their constitutional rights:

  • Registered citizens have already planned not to vote,
  •  Well-intentioned people will rely on absentee ballots that may not be completed or returned properly – thus becoming a non-vote,
  • Some inadequately informed people will also not go to the voting booth because they heard about Gallop/CNN/New York Times and other polls taken indicating that one candidate or referendum had a big lead over another – so their single vote would not matter, and
  • Other legal United States residents of age will not bother to exercise their right to vote. There are too many unregistered potential voters.

 May the best candidates win and do a great job

during their first elected term.

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Another Run-of-the-Mill Movie About a Beautiful Big Ten Campus?!?

“Fast Forward To the Past”


Humorous movie about current day Indiana University students, local residents, and the town of Blooomington, based on historical events.     


 Synopsis of Action-Comedy-Musical Plot (PG-13):


~ Humorous, silly, ridiculous, odd, fun, surprising, and entertaining stories about a Southern Indiana town where people from the world-wide over visit and go to university.


~ Four young college students (played by the likes of Scarlett Johannsen, Charlize Theron, Michelle Williams, and Juan Carlos) make best friends with a small group of “townies”, aka “cutters”, who either cannot afford tuition, would rather work, or just hate the idea of spending another four years studying after high school.


~ A special DVD player is the “time machine” that takes college students and “townies” back in time (not in this particular order) to significant times in I.U. and Monroe: County history:


1824 – Indiana Theological Seminary

established near the present day Second and South Walnut Streets

Setting: Site of the original IndianaUniversity; Dr. Wylie house; examples of segregation in town; funnier times during the Industrial Revolution out at the Hoosier Hysteria Ranch of pre-teens south of campus.


1855 – Lightning strikes the original university buildings

prior to it burning down; Fact or Fiction?


1865 – Celebration upon the conclusion of the Civil War [April 6, 1865]

Scene: Farmers’ Market by the Monon B-Line


1876 – Well-known essayist James A. Woodburn participates in campus debating clubs. Regular meetings discuss the future issues of 19th century America and the world.



1894 – Kirkwood Hall built out of Indiana limestone on the present day location of the university campus.  Setting: Dunn Woods (with talking trees)



1907 – CountyCourthouse of limestone erected with a clock on the town square. During construction, the clock made in Kentuckiana is mistakenly gets blown to pieces by illiterate quarry work crew who were given the wrong address but were following the boss’ orders. Christmas scenes outside of first Christian and first PresbyterianChurches between Lincoln and Washington Streets; New cars get stuck in mud, ice and snow,


1912 – Teddy Roosevelt comes to town during his presidential campaign as the national leader of the Bull Moose Party!


1926 – Famed musician Hoagy Carmichael goes to law school;

The “Roaring Twenties”

Scenes: Music in front of Nick’s under construction on Kirkwood Avenue; outside people’s homes and at IU Pres Bryan’s; more music in concert halls, etc.; Speakeasy.


1939 – Gala “Gone with the Wind” showing at the IU Auditorium;

Scene: Showalter Fountain


1940 – The last year of peace before the US enters WWII;

I.U. wins first national championship;

Close relationships formed that might be broken, etc.


1953 – I.U. wins another national men’s basketball championship

As the country prospers.

Scenes: Wildermuth Fieldhouse, Starlite Drive-In; Sock-Hop; Lab discussions about DNA; At the Kinsey Institution; Café Pizzeria


1967 – A time of cultural change – The football team goes to the Rose Bowl.

Scenes: IMU and Jordan and Dunn Meadows, Memorial Stadium tailgating parties I.U.-Purdue contest; Variety show on campus


1976 – A great age for rock and roll. I.U. wins 32 and never loses.

Scenes: Assembly Hall, IU Auditorium, 3rd Street, Bear’s Place, Kirkwood Avenue, Walnut Street’s Uptown Café and The Bluebird


1979 – The annual Little 500 is immortalized on film with

“Breaking Away.” Scenes: tbd


1981, 1984, 1987, or 1989  –

Scene behind Swain Hall and Memorial Hall.


1999 – Information Technology’s Y2K Anxiety

Scenes: tbd


2020 – Future scene at Wright Quad beach volleyball strip match

between the housekeeping and dietary staff and the Campus policemen (climax); Foggy morning at OakHillCemetery where so many tombstones indicate hundreds of deaths during 2012 epidemic.


2013 – Return to the present (anticlimax)




Head Writer, Historian, and Comic


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     Less than eight weeks ago, we reported of a new high-crime area in San Mateo County that is beyond the scope and control of the local, elected Sheriff Greg Monks. Sheriff Monks is the replacement for Donald Horsley, who was subsequently voted into office as one of five County-wide Supervisors.

Painting by Carolyn Jones of West Menlo Park, California, at Menlo Park's Allied Arts Guild

     Sometimes we have to take one step backward before taking two steps forward.


     This county, bordering Santa Clara County (county seat of San Jose) and San Francisco County, is home for more than a million citizens and thousands upon thousands of undocumented human beings. As a result, the employment and housing situations have been poor for years.

     My dog and I recently took up residence in Redwood City, which is the County Seat of San Mateo County, California.

     During the last 50 or so days, we have been robbed, swindled, burglarized, scammed, discrimated against, food poisoned, threatened more than twice, and otherwise abused.

     Although relief has been sought from the authorities (law enforcement, fire prevention district, landlord, insurance companies, barkeeps, restaurant owners, “roach coaches”, and elected officials, there have been no remedies or solutions implemented by those in management positions.


     Last week, we decided to move out.

     Move out of our new home.

     Move out of this city.

     Move out of the county that we have lived in since 1986.

     Move out of the state that we have lived in since 1980.

     Yep, we transferred from the Midwest on May 1, 1980. Yep, May Day ’80. My newly wed bride went along for the ride until 2006 or so. We still boast about our beautiful, street-smart, and smart daughter born as a “native San Franciscan.”

     Teddy and I decided this week after over two months of contemplation to move back to where six years, six of the best years – wonder years – of my life, to my college town in the Big Ten (or is it the Big Thirteen or Big Fourteen now).


[ to be continued ]

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Someone Urged Me to Publically Publish This Bucket List to Facilitate New Years’ Resolutions

Dateline: 2012 “Year of the Water Dragon”

New Year’s Resolutions  –  2012

“Complete ‘The Bucket List’ Soon”   (draft )

1.                    Find an Internet connection

2.                    Buy a new laptop computer.

3.                    Exercise three times a week; stretch everyday

4.                    Spend less than $40 a week

5.                    Apply for program in Leisure Behavior

6.                    Cut it out! Buy no gifts

7.                    Study Bible weekly; Minimum of one minute a day; Keep a Bible in kitchen

8.                    Style hair daily as Moses recommends

9.                    Spend more time with Anessa

10.                 Find producers for “Country Corner”

11.                 Help junior Kamron out

12.                 Finish writing the book(s)

13.                 Eliminate starch from diet for a month

14.                 Publish an article

15.                 Spend less money at Country Corner; reward ‘em

16.                 Have a block party on the Avenue

17.                 Lobby Carson City, Nevada

18.                 Send out letter to obtain more housing in San Mateo County

19.                 See Notre Dame play football in Chicago, South Bend, and Norman OK

20.                 Root for the Indiana Hoosiers

21.                 Publish Pooch

22.                 Smoke less than ten cigarettes a day; don’t smoke in a car

23.                 Eat no refined sugar until ulcer heals

24.                 Drive safely

25.                 Take my medicine and vitamins

26.                 Go to Lake Tahoe

27.                 Keep my home office studio clean

28.                 Don’t leave my shoes in the living room

29.                 Continue to get to church on time

30.                 Do not bet on baseball, basketball, or football, NOT

31.                 Drive safely

32.                 Sell most furnishings

33.                 Pay back Harry and others

34.                 Drink more water

35.                 Look out for the French

36.                 Show and win blue ribbons

37.                 Keep vehicle clean

38.                 Practice zero based budgeting

39.                 Balance all checkbooks/debit cards

40.                 Have more patience

41.                 Do not leave donuts in the kitchen

42.                 Drink more beer

43.                 Update resume

44.                 Don’t use 411

45.                 Balance the Budget

46.                 Eat Dark Chocolate

47.                 Do the lift

48.                 Find an Ohana

49.                 Buy new car for Kuna or Bloomington

50.                 Obtain a part-time job

51.                 Apply for academia

52.                 Show T. Teddy well beginning at the Cow Palace on 1-28-2012

53.                 Pray & Study

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Dailey Muse: We Can’t Miss the Point for Safety Sake

“There is nothing common about common sense.” ~anon

     Common sense is critical for our safety. In fact, more and more accidents are caused by human error.

Distracted by remote risks, anxiety, and fear, we can overlook obvious and more serious hazards. Fear – sometimes common but not always making sense – can cause poor and unsafe decisions.

There is so much sensational news reported on TV, in newspapers, and along the Internet. Nevertheless, safer people will read beyond the headlines. Evidently, smarter people learn how and manage stress. To illustrate this point, without motivation, nothing in the world would happen.  Fear and ignorance would bring everything to a stop.

Take for instance that in the home, more injuries happen in the kitchen, and secondly, inside the bathroom. Your fear may lead you to want to stay in bed but… accidents happen in beds, too.

In fact, by taking a page out of Laura Lee’s book[1]

An annual average 28,000 Britons suffered knife wounds in the kitchen while during the same period 96,000 people visited the ER after an accident occurred while ‘sleeping, relaxing, or lying down’.

Risk would be elevated in the kitchen because of a multitude of hazards. What is risky is a physical environment with multiple gas and electrical appliances, poorly stored utensils, ignoring safety techniques and health warnings, a ceiling fan, kids constantly running through, spoiled food, foul tap water, slippery floors, no stepstool, swinging doors, cats and dogs, mold and bacteria, deep fat fryer, burning candles, rubbernecking, no first aid kit, no sprinklers or fire extinguishers, cooks in high heels, excessive alcohol consumption, flammables and combustibles, poor housekeeping, and simply not using safety devices.

     Believe that more than 93% of accidents can be prevented. Everyone’s attitude is important.

Even consider common things that may occur more than three times a day – eating. Eating bagels could potentially tear up your esophagus, ruin a marriage, loose a finger, or land you in jail (poppy seeds will result in a false positive for marijuana). Smart people will refrain from swallowing large pieces of bagel. Following safe knife procedures, paying attention to what is being done, and using kitchen utensils appropriate for the task can eliminate cutting off fingers. Losing a digit, going to prison, or choking to death would become a ‘deal breaker’ for a happy marriage.

You might think that finding a quiet activity is safer than exercising or flying in a plane. It may be said that is not always true.

Books can be hazardous, too? Certainly, books injured 2,707 Brits more in one year. Those incidents were greater than the number of people hurt by handling training weights in the gym. Reading? Sure, in addition to eye strain, moving books lead to back injuries. Stored books can fall on you. Dust on the pages of older books includes respiratory allergens.

Risk is inherent in living. No one can really live a life without exposure to risk.

Culture determines human common sense. I urge people to develop their cultural common sense.

  1. Think Before Acting
  2. Learn
  3. Practice
  4. Plan for Contingencies
  5. Learn More
  6. Improve Constantly

Take another example, this one is about bears. People are more likely to be hurt by a Teddy Bear than a Grizzly Bear. No kidding. It is true that between 1906 and 1995 in the U.S., there were 82 deaths (in 89 years) from bear attacks. Toys account for at least 22 deaths every year.

Consider the small parts of the Teddy Bear that might be ingested or other hazardous situations. They are combustible, too. Adults have been hurt slipping, tripping, or falling due to stuffed toys. The dear Teddy Bear can spread contamination like lice, conjunctivitis, viruses, and bacteria.

What’cha going to do?!?

  1. Think about getting age-appropriate toys, storing them safely, and providing supervision during play.
  2. Learn from the Consumer Product Safety Commission and other sources about toy safety.
  3. Practice the CPSC’s recommendations, other parents’ good ideas, and doctors’ orders.
  4. Decide on a Family Emergency Plan. Consider what should be done during and after the emergency event. Include prevention measures.
  5. Practice the plan.
  6. Learn more about household hazards, potential disasters, and whatever can be done for safety sake.
  7. Maintain implementing improvements.
  8. Don’t worry so much. In reality, you are more prepared than you used to be. Don’t sweat the small stuff that will stress you out. Don’t get distracted. Don’t make decisions out of fear. Don’t panic during emergencies. Don’t focus on things that probably will never hurt you and yours.

 = = = = =

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[1] Laura Lee, 100 Most Dangerous Things in Everyday Life and What You Can Do About Them (2004 Broadway Books)