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National Football League Tries to Punish Patriot QB Thomas Brady from the University of Michigan Wolverines and A Grafted-United States District Court Judge Exhonerates the Cheaters

Colts fans want better, but the Steelers get to put the heat on Tom Brady tonight near Boston, Mass.

In addition to the opening game of the cheatin’ defending super bowl forty-niner winners (the alleged NFL-compliant New England Pats), there are nine better games to bet/wager upon:

  • Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania) Steelers (not the penguins, Panthers, Pirates, or there other teams)

+ 7.5 and over 39.5 at the Old England Patriots tonight, Thursday, September 10, 2015

  • Green Bay Packers (-14.5 and over 21.5) at Chicago’ Soldier Field versus the Bears on Sunday
  • Any team playing the San Francisco 49ers this weekend
  • The Oakland (not LA-LA) Raiders +20.5, and over 49.5) either on-the-road or at home in Oakland Alameda County Coliseum
  • Texans Rangers (-8.5) in Houston versus the visiting bums
  • Chicago Cubs (not the Chicago Bears, not the Chicago Black Hawks, and not the Chicago White Hose)
  • Any team playing the Seattle Seahawks on-the-road this weekend
  • Your Indianapolis (no longer in Baltimore, MD) Colts or Horses (-3.5; over 33.5 total points)
  • Not the Cincinnati Bengals for 10 weeks out of 16 games this 2015-16 season
  • Not the Chicago Bears (but the Cubbies) win this weekend
  • Not the New Jersey Jets (prediction: Jets 7-9 this coming season; Dolphins make the playoffs from the East Division of the American Football Congress)
  • Not the other teams who cheat (eg. Rams, Vikings, Patriots, team of referees/field and press box officials approved by Commissioner Pete Goodell, and Dallas Cowboys)
  • Miami Dolphins (+16.5; over 29.5) and their great Dol-fans and Cheerleaders
  • Your Denver Broncos (-8.5; over 38.5) playing most any NFL team this season (but the Baltimore-Indy Colts, Oakland-San Jose-Sacramento Raiders, Massachusetts Pats, or New Jersey Giants excepted)

  *  Note only $50.00 wagers accepted

      Pls. use PayPal or UPS

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Trying Not to Let 1 Bad Ride on AmTrack from Reno . . . Ruin the Rest of My Hassled Life

DAD Reporting from San Francisco

3/4/15  8:10 p.m. PST


ONLY 30 MILES SOUTH TO GO . . . Cannot get a cab, yet

Amtrak Porter from Chicago

Amtrak Porter from Chicago

It is a Bigger Issue than Ebola in the Continental U.S.A. (Don’t Panic)

The San Francisco Giants success is good for America and the world. Why? A Beltway World Series would be a disaster for the government operating in D.C. and Baltimore region.

Two more baseball game victories by the Giants over Washington and the danger of a “Beltway World Series” will be eliminated. Please don’t throw the Giants out.

giants thrown out

Should the Nationals and Orioles meet in the postseason, bureaucrats and politicians would lose their focus on the job doing their work.

On the other hand, it is nice to have this or any harmless diversion from the wars, public health threats, domestic shootings, dumb drivers causing accidents, homelessness, professional sports figures doing naughty things, and other stupid news events.

May I suggest that a Dodger-Giant pennant fight would be cool? As would a Kansas City-Baltimore series gather public interest along the east coast and Midwest. Hopefully, the Angels, Tigers, Cardinals, and Nationals will ‘cooperate.’

Gentlemen, please be sporting and patriotic.

By the way: May the outgoing commissioner of baseball order that the red-white-and-blue bunting be hung in all participating baseball stadiums, immediately.

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Winning Attitudes

Dateline: North America

– Late January 2013 –

Cliche’s abound around success, well-being, and happiness. Life is a process wrought with good and bad times as well as maintaining a status quo. Great coaches are like our wonderful mentors.

Legendary Basketball Coach Jimmy Valvano

Legendary Basketball Coach Jimmy Valvano

It is difficult to dispute that human attitudes cause ‘stuff to happen’ and lead to ‘fate or destiny’ despite one’s knowledge, relevant skills, experience, and even wisdom. We had better realize that opportunities are not governed only by genetics, training and education, culture, faith, and spiritual ideals.

Choosing a realistic, ethical, and positive attitude can be accomplished no matter what our individual make-up, personal strengths, virtues, prior experiences, leaders, and weaknesses might be. Remember the old adage: “Mind over matter, matters.”

One problem with attitudes is that they are hard to change. One might be better off to unlearn what they have previously learned.

Change is inevitable?!?

Change in lives and the history of evolution is often hard to cope with. As Charles Darwin taught: “Survival of the fittest.” Adaptation is so important at both a micro (personal) and macro (mankind) level.


Vince Lombardi Coached the First Two Super Bowl Champs

Vince Lombardi Coached the First Two Super Bowl Champs


During this Super Bowl XLVII Week, I am reminded that to win nominally demands a winning attitude. I cannot put my finger on the detailed factors of which team has the advantage of THE superior winning attitude. Both the Ravens and Forty-Niners seem to have IT but only one team will prevail.

In American football, the pundits refer to execution.

No matter who wins Sunday, all team members and fans would do well to adapt to the prevailing conditions and final result.

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