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Big Second Half Failures at the Reno Event(s) Center Last Saturday Evening

F O R   I M M E D I A T E   R E L E A S E

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Final Score in Reno on

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Oklahoma City Blues 118,

your Reno BigHorns 99

Stadium ‘Security Czar’ Blows It Off At Halftime

[Vertically-Challenged, Ornery,

Tough-as-Toe Nails Security Chief]

at the Reno Event(s) Center Throws Fans Out

of the Arena during Halftime Show before the Home Team

Reno BigHorns Twelve has an Even Chance to Make a Run for an Upset

Reno, Nevada (Saturday Evening – February 28, 2015) – Reno BigHorns (affiliate farm team of the NBA Kings] Denied Win and Huge Upset at Home in their ReeNo Events Center! – Was it the Sacramento Kings management that “threw in the towel” at halftime with the scoreboard reading 54-38 in favor of the visiting twelve from Oklahoma City.

Oklahoma City Blue Thunder Cover the Spread at the Reno Sportsbooks in February

Oklahoma City Blue Thunder Cover the Spread at the Reno Sportsbooks in February

or alternate headline about alleged credentials to be a local fan . . .

Reno, Nevada (February 28, 2015) — Perhaps the Security Czar had money riding on the favored Oklahoma City Thunder Blues, or else he has a chip on his shoulder, may have needs to demonstrate his mettle and power to the club front office, the Sacramento Kings organization, likes to push around self-employed sports writers with disabilities, and want to prove to the youth in attendance (less than 5,000 paid) what a big-man think he is!?!

Whatever the reasons or excuses, the desired fan base in Reno is dwindling despite the recent hiring of future Hall of Fame Coach George Karl.

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A Special Casino Opens Last Summer in the Historic Downtown [Esmeralda Street] Minden, County of Douglas

The long process of rehabilitation of the C.O.D.* Garage in historic downtown Minden has been completed with the conversion to the C.O.D. Casino.  The C.O.D. Casino opened their doors August 14, 2014, at 404 Esmeralda..

“We are excited to open and take care of our new guests in the Carson Valley” says General Manager Scott Tate, “The facility looks great and we were able to retain the historic character of the C.O.D.* Garage, while being able to add all of the comforts of a great casino”


The C.O.D.* Casino offers a wide variety of slot machines, a live Keno game and soon to be added sports wagering venue and Live Poker.


It also has many preserved and restored items from the C.O.D.* Garage, including the tow truck featured in the Casino’s logo, which is the feature piece in a small museum at the rear of the establishment. The museum also includes the counter and desk from the old garage.

 * C. O. D. does not stand for Clarence Oliver Dangdaileyberg!

~ reprinted from the Carson Valley Times

Another Buck & Agnes Break-Up in the Screenplay “The Last Resort”

Dateline: Northern, Freezing Heart Nevada

Valentines’ Day Eve = Friday the 13th of February 2015

Yep, this Libra musician is playing me like a fiddle BIG time today.

The same thing is happening today on St. Valentine’s Day 2015

Fiancee Anni A.

Fiancee Anni A.

“You deserve a break today, so get out (of Gardenville) and get away . . .”

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Ultimatum in Northern Silicon Valley — A Final Solution / Exit Plan / Happy Ending — to Movie Script “Country Corner: Germ Warfare” for the ‘Kathy Bates’ and ‘Debra Winger’ Characters

Circa 2008 through 2015



 [Wednesday, February 4, 2015]

Prior to the release of:

  1. “Country Corner Market & Deli vs. Silly-Con Valley” (copyright 2001)
  2. “Country Corner: Germ Warfare” (copyright 2010)  and
  3. “Country Corner: 2020 – A Spaced Odyssey” (copyright 2015)

These female characters should sell their real estate that is within 100 yards (the length of most of a football or soccer field) of the Country Corner Market & Deli of West Menlo Park, Northern California (southern San Mateo County) by the beginning of Stanford Universities and the University of Michigan Wolverines’ football seasons or ELSE . . .

The screenwriters’ hunger strike began today (Saturday, January 24, 2015) before 7:15 a.m. PST.

In addition, the screenwriter will never set foot in this store ever again, unless . . .

Therefore, these two busyiness-meddling, “sexy”, gossiping, perhaps overweight, whatever-else, duh, post-menopausal women MUST sell-out AND leave this fine community that has probably the best deli, best wine selection, best three owners, best family-oriented business, best weather, best busy traffic, and best customers in the (North, South, and Central) Americas.

Failure to do so will result in guilt, anguish, anxiety, danger, and many negative consequences (that largely will be self-inflicted). Yes, you ‘Kathy Bates’.

And yes, you ‘Debra Winger’ character model; mother to the screenwriter’s only child; real-life icon to pre-schoolers.

Screenwriter Plays with Two Dogs at Country Corner Deli & Market

Screenwriter Plays with Two Dogs at Country Corner Deli & Market

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  • He has authored technical articles and publications, non-fiction books, corporate policies and procedures, reviews, public relations information and press releases, web blog, and management and adult worker training.



  1. Designed and customized training and corporate policies and procedures.
  2. Authored publications and upgraded programs to exceed regulatory and contractual requirements, improve management controls, facilitate the user interface, and generate measurable results.
  3. Wrote descriptive product information for end users.
  4. Produced quick reference cards, educational newsletters, signs, labels, procedures, and policies.
  5. Planned and collaborated with others.  Achieved consensus on many issues.  Solicited and won the participation of employees at all levels and portions of the organization.
  6. Implemented protocols for increasing the efficacy of committees, focus and working groups.
  7. Coordinated department tasks in a 27,000-employee company.  Managed multiple projects.
  8. Budgeted plans and directed implementation in healthcare, sole proprietorship, and biotech organizations.  Completed tasks within budget.
  9. Interfaced successfully with customers, engineers, administrative staff, and other professionals.
  10. Protected assets, reduced associated costs, and generated appreciable improvements.
  11. Trained employees in important technical information.  Mentored others.
  12. Evaluated quality performance and helped to re-engineer products, personnel, systems, procedures, processes, facilities, and services.  Analyst of business tools facilitating efficiency.
  13. Applied product life-cycle systems engineering principles in the public and private sectors.
  14. Organized data. Participated in research and marketing.
  15. Identified areas of business concern and defined effective alternatives.


 University of California, Santa Cruz– Certificate in Technical Communication & Writing

University of California, Santa Cruz– Extension Certificate in Environmental Management

Indiana University, Bloomington- MS in Health Education and Safety Management

Indiana University , Bloomington– BA in Arts and Sciences



Writer/Trainer/Publisher/Consultant – Max’s Scout Services & Communications, LLC –  1992-current

Health Facilities Evaluator –California Department of Public Health 2003-2004 and 2005-2008

Risk Manager and Trainer –Chinese Hospital – San Francisco 2004

Technical Writer – KLA-Tencor –San Jose, California 2000-2003

Technical Documentation Intern – Oracle –Redwood Shores,California 1999

Safety & Environmental Protection Director – Athena Neurosciences, South S.F. 1994-95

Safety and Security Coordinator –University of California San Francisco Medical Center 1992-93

Environmental, Health & Safety/Quality Engineer – Lockheed-Martin Aerospace –Sunnyvale 1985-1992

Risk Management Consultant – Insurance Broker and Companies – Chicago and California 1979-1985


Advanced Toastmaster-Gold (2002) – Toastmasters International

Certified Manager (1987, 1992, 1997) – Institute of Certified Professional Managers

Competent Leader (1997, 2002) – Toastmasters International

Ethics Certificate (1998) –CaliforniaStateLegislature

Registered Environmental Assessor (1997) -CaliforniaEPA

Certified Safety Professional (1985) – Board of Certified Safety Professionals

Associate Safety Professional (1984) – Board of Certified Safety Professionals

Competent Toastmaster (1985, 1996, 2002) – Toastmasters International




Outstanding Citizenship Medal (2007) –Silicon ValleyChapter, Sons of the American Revolution

Silver Good Citizenship Medal (2001) –Silicon ValleyChapter, Sons of the American Revolution

Phi Chi Theta business fraternity (1996) – Honorary Member of Western Region

Significant Peer Action Recognition “SPARC Award” (1991)  NASA Ames Research Center

Area Toastmaster of the Year (1988) – Lockheed,Sunnyvale

Emerging Professional of the Year (1988) – ASSE,San   Francisco



Lessons Learned From Dogs – 2011

“Germ Warfare” – 2010

“Country Corner” – 2009

A Tail of Two Cities: Teddy and Toby’s American Summer Adventures – 2008

Confessions of an Oenophile: An American Family Cookbook – 2007

International Division (quarterly) Newsletter, ASSE – 1997 to 1998

“Isn’t   of Costa Rica?” Professional Safety, pg. 43-44, January 1994

Region I Newsletter (California Quarterly), ASSE, Volume I-IV, 1987 to 1990

“Motivating Effective Committees”, Professional Safety, pg. 17-23, December 1986

“Four Point Program Can Achieve SuperiorBottom-Line Results”, Business Insurance, pg. 29, July ’83




Area C-3 Governor, Toastmasters (TM)

President, TM Club 1372-4, 7168-4, or 1913-4, – 6 terms

President, Silicon Valley Chapter, CASSAR

State Director, Educational & Public Affairs, National Safety Management Society

International Division Communications Director, American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE)

Vice President and Treasurer, Greater San Jose Region and San Francisco Chapters, ASSE

Vice President of Public Relations, Region I (Calif.), ASSE

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