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National Football League Tries to Punish Patriot QB Thomas Brady from the University of Michigan Wolverines and A Grafted-United States District Court Judge Exhonerates the Cheaters

Colts fans want better, but the Steelers get to put the heat on Tom Brady tonight near Boston, Mass.

In addition to the opening game of the cheatin’ defending super bowl forty-niner winners (the alleged NFL-compliant New England Pats), there are nine better games to bet/wager upon:

  • Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania) Steelers (not the penguins, Panthers, Pirates, or there other teams)

+ 7.5 and over 39.5 at the Old England Patriots tonight, Thursday, September 10, 2015

  • Green Bay Packers (-14.5 and over 21.5) at Chicago’ Soldier Field versus the Bears on Sunday
  • Any team playing the San Francisco 49ers this weekend
  • The Oakland (not LA-LA) Raiders +20.5, and over 49.5) either on-the-road or at home in Oakland Alameda County Coliseum
  • Texans Rangers (-8.5) in Houston versus the visiting bums
  • Chicago Cubs (not the Chicago Bears, not the Chicago Black Hawks, and not the Chicago White Hose)
  • Any team playing the Seattle Seahawks on-the-road this weekend
  • Your Indianapolis (no longer in Baltimore, MD) Colts or Horses (-3.5; over 33.5 total points)
  • Not the Cincinnati Bengals for 10 weeks out of 16 games this 2015-16 season
  • Not the Chicago Bears (but the Cubbies) win this weekend
  • Not the New Jersey Jets (prediction: Jets 7-9 this coming season; Dolphins make the playoffs from the East Division of the American Football Congress)
  • Not the other teams who cheat (eg. Rams, Vikings, Patriots, team of referees/field and press box officials approved by Commissioner Pete Goodell, and Dallas Cowboys)
  • Miami Dolphins (+16.5; over 29.5) and their great Dol-fans and Cheerleaders
  • Your Denver Broncos (-8.5; over 38.5) playing most any NFL team this season (but the Baltimore-Indy Colts, Oakland-San Jose-Sacramento Raiders, Massachusetts Pats, or New Jersey Giants excepted)

  *  Note only $50.00 wagers accepted

      Pls. use PayPal or UPS

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Week 2 of NCAA and Week 1 of NFL Picks – e-mail your $50 bets to PayPal and –

 University of California Golden Bears -9.5 vs. San Diego State Aztecs

South Florida +15.5 vs. Florida State Seminoles Indians

Notre Dame Fighting Irish -24.5 vs. Virginia Cavaliers

Utah (not the Jazz, but the) Ute Indians –24.5 vs. Utah State University [this Friday night]

Indiana University Hoosiers (not the Indians) +7.5 vs. Florida International University (FIU)

Maryland Terrapins -124.5 vs. Bowling Green University

Michigan Wolverines -22.5 vs. Oregon State Beavers

Marshall University Thundering Herd -7.5 vs. Ohio University Bobcats


Pro games on Thursday:

Pittsburgh Steelers (not the Panthers, Penguins, or Pirates) + 1 vs. the

“world champion” cheating New England Patriots

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Two Dogs on This NFL Championship Sunday — winners go on to Arizona’s Super Bowl 49 = XLIX

MAX’S SCOUT SERVICES, LLC [ of Colorado, Indiana. Florida, and Northern California ]






  • Seattle Seahawks host in Sunday’s early game
  • HAWKS -17.5
  • Green Bay Packers – who beat the Dallas Cowboys last weekend!
  • THE PACK – 21.5
  • O/U = 55.5


Green Bay can clinch the Super Bowl XLVIX with a win in noisy Seattle, Washington.

#1 seeded Seattle clinched a first-round bye with: 1) SEA win 2) SEA tie + ARI loss or tie + DAL loss 3) SEA tie + ARI loss or tie + GB/DET tie



  • New England Patriots – Won the AFC East and a first-round bye
  • PATS  – 17.5
  • Indianapolis Colts — AFC South Champions play in Sunday’s second title game
  • HOOSIER HORSES  – 18.5
  • O/U = 49.5


BECAUSE IF DENVER BEATS CINCINNATI New England can clinch home-field advantage throughout the AFC playoffs with: 1) NE win 2) NE tie + DEN loss or tie 3) DEN loss

IF CINCINNATI BEATS DENVER New England clinches home-field advantage throughout AFC playoffs



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Western Slope of the Rocky Mountains

Post Office Box 777;

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Cheeseheads had nothing to cheer about this weekend other than losses by the Bears and Lions

Cheeseheads had nothing to cheer about this weekend other than losses by the Bears and Lions

Sunday’s NFL Betting Line

“D. A. D.  & Associates”

reverse teaser card

P. O. Box 777, Glenwood Springs, COlorado  81602-0777

   November 16, 2014                DADAILEY@GMAIL.COM            NFL Week #11                                                                                    (312) 237-0386

(970) 444-3168

3 for 3 pays  17 to 1

4 for 4 pays  55 to 1

7 for 7 pays  1500 to 1

8 for 8 pays  5000 to 1


*Cincinnati at New Orleans          Bengals -8.5             Saints -8.5

*Tampa at District of Columbia    Redskins -8.8           Bucs -6.6

*Houston at Cleveland                 Texans -2.5              Browns -15.5

*Minnesota at Chicago                 Vikings -9.5             Bears -10.5

**Detroit at Arizona                       Lions   -5.5             Cardinals -8.5


*San Fran at New York                 Giants -8.5                Forty Niners -11.5

Pitts at Nashville      (Mon)           Steelers -4.5              Titans -3.5

**New England @ Indy                Colts -7.5                   Patriots -8.5

*Atlanta’s at Carolina                  Panthers -10             Falcons -7

*Denver at St. Louis                    Broncos -20.2           Rams -4.4

**Seattle at Kansas City              Seahawks -8.5         Chiefs -7.5

**Philadelphia at Green Bay      Packers -14.5           Eagles -8.5

Buffalo at Miami                          Dolphins – 15.5        Bills -10.5                final = 22-9

**Oakland at San Diego              Chargers -22.5        Raiders +4.5

*Denotes an early game (11:00 MST)

** “Denotes Game of the Week”

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Only 14 Games Left Until Election Day, Pro American Football Fans

It appears the NFL “blue state” teams will win 9 and the “red state” squads will come up short with only 5 victories. Two of the 14 games are being played in the ‘battleground’ state of Ohio.

Set your wall clocks back an hour early this Sunday…

the USA is finally going fall to normal back on standard time.

The New Jersey Jets and St. Louis Lambs really need to sleep in Sunday in order to recoup from embarrassing loses last Sunday.

Fortunately, the Jets, Rams, 49ers, and Patriots have the day off on this their annual bye-bye week.

ooops, Luck down

This weekend features more grrrreat play by rookie quarterbacks.

Indiana is lucky to have the blue and white Colts at home in the dome. After a 30-9 flooding of the Jets, the Dolphins have been forecasted as the 3 point favorite. Rookie Miami QB Ryan Tannehill and Colt QB Andrew Luck are playing very well, thus Ike is selecting Indy as the ‘home dog of the week.’

Lady Luck shall shine through the Lucas Dome on her favorite son.

Indiana voted ‘blue’ in support of President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden during the 2008 election. Hoosiers should stick with what America has going for it. Both the Colts and Pacers don’t wear a single speck of red on their uniforms.

The Carolina Panthers at Washington Redskins’ game matches up the last two Heisman Trophy winning quarterbacks. Robert Griffin III’s Blueskins are favored over Cam Newton’s cats that could not score enough against the Blue State Bears last weekend.

  • Ike suggests either the DC Blueskins over or the NC Cats under.

= = = =

The best game may be played after 4:25 pm EST. The 6-2 New Jersey Giants host the 5-3 Pittsburgh Steelers. Both won and also beat the spread last Sunday. Can you believe the NYG are favored by 5?

These offenses are piloted by former Super Bowl MVPs Eli Manning and Big Ben Roethlisberger, who will be facing defenses that have allowed only 144 and 161 points so far this season.

= = = =

A political litmus test is happening in Cincinnati and Cleveland. Should both the Bengals and Browns win, the entire national election will be thrown in the Republican’s favor. NOTE: This is highly unlikely.

  1. Denver at Bengals – Peyton Manning returns to play in the Midwest. The Cat’s defense will find him too difficult to hold down. Cincy has already given up 187 points in seven games this year. Denver keeps scoring when they have to and now hold the division lead in the American West.
  2. Ravens at Browns – Meanwhile, the Cleveland Browns are in last place in the American South division. Funny that the Brownies wreaked out a 7-6 victory last Sunday. The first place Baltimore Ravens have had an extra week of practice only to prepare for the game.

In other games this Week Nine:

The Arizona Cardinals will find the cold weather and ‘blue-state’ hot Green Bay Packers          (-10.5) play overwhelming.

Ike likes the Chicago Bears (-4.5) in Nashville against the Tennessee Titans.

Ike also likes the 7 and oh, undefeated ‘red-state’ Atlanta Falcons (-3.5) at home against the Dallas Cowboys.

Ike likes the last team who almost beat the Falcons to win in the blue state of California. Tampa Bay will feel the jet lag and Oakland black hole while losing out to the Raiders (-1.5).

Two Important Tips:

  1. Watch out for those pink penalty flags!
  2. Beware of betting on the following:

Eagles @ Saints (-2) on Monday night

Vikings @ Seahawks (-2.5)

Lions @ Jaguars (+3.5)

Bills @ Texans (-11)

Chiefs @ Chargers (-7.5)


There will be no ties this week – only winners and losers.

We’re wishing you the best of American life in a ‘blue state.’

Good luck and enjoy the games!




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