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Reno Nevada – Shameful Reno, Nevada and Their So-Called Catholic Charities of Northern Nevada (CCNA)

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Intro: Home is where the heart and body are; therefore the Reno ghetto Record Street neighborhood is home to hundreds of people of mixed races and religious views.


Fact and Question: The Catholic Charities of Northern Nevada (CCNA) have been given 100 grand for the homeless issues. What is this going to be used? I suspect almost nothing will filter down to any homeless people.


NIMBY = Not In My Backyard!

NIMBY = Not In My Backyard!

Why did the City of Reno do this? What else is the City of Reno doing, if anything?


In my opinion, the City should have given the Resource Center more than $100,000.00.


My experiences with the Roman Catholic Charities of Northern Nevada have all – all – been negative. Furthermore, I assert that they have been using the name of Saint Vincent in-vain!


St. Vincent DePaul Society is not affiliated with the CCNA.

homeless on the street


Cal-Train Collision Course With Human in San Fran Friday, July 31st

A southbound train struck a person on the tracks at about 4:20 p.m. near the 22nd Street station in San Francisco, Caltrain officials said Friday afternoon.

Emergency personnel are at the scene, according to Caltrain officials. Officials said the person was on the tracks illegally.

The train has about 400 passengers on board and trains in both the southbound and northbound directions are stopped due to the collision, according to Caltrain.

Caltrain would not say anything about this more.DSCF0128

Author’s Laptop Computer Stolen By Californian in Reno’s Amtrak Station Waiting Room

Dateline: First Sunday in Lent – February 22, 2015

1600 – 1630 hrs. PST

Street-Level Depot Waiting Room in Reno Amtrak Depot

Buck Dailey’s Hewlett Packard laptop computer was literally stolen from under his nose while the author of “Lessons Learned From Dogs” and “Confessions of An Oenophile – An American Family Cookbook” fell asleep while awaiting for the arrival of an eastbound California-Chicago Zephyr.

Thanks to the good work of Sergeant Dye’s police department crew, including Patrolman Wozniak, the invaluable plastic HP 15 with loads and loads of data on the hard disk was recovered and returned to the author within one (1) hour.

City of Reno Officer Wozniak found the suspect with the stolen laptop in a nearby pawn shop. The pawn shop’s estimated value of the item was only $80.00.

homeless smile nj

Federal Tort to be Filed about Illegal, Unethical Local Practices of Lodging Establishments in the County of Douglas’ Carson River Valley (Located East of Lake Tahoe and south of Reno, Nevada)

For Immediate Release

Federal Tort to be Filed about Illegal, Unethical Local Practices of Lodging Establishments in the County of Douglas’ Carson River Valley (Located East of Lake Tahoe and south of Reno, Nevada)

February 19, 2015  (Minden, Nevada) – Federal Tort to be Filed about Illegal, Unethical Local Practices of Lodging Establishments in this County – No less than four lodging occupancy owners and innkeepers will be served with a class action suit alleging both illegal, unconstitutional, discriminatory and unethical, un-American business practices already committed during February 2015.

*Note: Businesses offering lodging to families working in the area as well as travelers, hunters, gamblers, and disenfranchised American citizens; Names have been changed in this press release to help protect the innocent, uneducated and misinformed employees caught in the middle of daily, imprudent, fraudulent, underhanded, negligent transactions with customers and the public.       

The legal suit cause of action includes:

  • Search and Seizure of Personal Property.
  • Destruction and Rubbish Disposal of Guests Property.
  • Disrespect and Lack of Consideration of Guests who are Disabled, over 55-years of age, and United States Armed Forces Veterans.
  • Causing Intentional Abuse, Hunger, Poverty, and Many Health Issues.
  • Inappropriate Application of the U.S. Patriot Act.
  • Misappropriation of Common Sense and Civil Rights Expressed in the U.S. Constitution.
  • Fiduciary Fraud (i.e. Making unauthorized withdrawals and charges with guests’ credit and electronic debit cards).
  • Taking Advantage of Alcoholics.
  • Providing Guests without Fire Protection and Emergency Preparedness Assurance that Meets Federal and State Construction, Sanitation, Building, and Fire Codes and National Standards.
  • Contributing to the Poor Status of Community Mental Health and Public Health and Safety.
  • Collusion with Other Innkeepers, Religious Organizations, Charitable Groups, Fire Prevention and Emergency Response Professionals, and Town and County Peace Officers.
  • Misleading and bilking American citizens.

mother theresa

The named defendants, who have created a cause of action, subject to the class action suit include:

  1. The Southerner* Motel located near Waterloo Road in Gardnerville
  2. Memorial Day* Inn located in the Town of Minden
  3. Hysterical* Inn located along U.S. Highway 395
  4. Best Vest* Inn Hotel, Casino, Motor Lodge, and RV Park located in Minden

Actions by these lodging establishment have caused theft, major physical health and mental health issues, created ill-will, financial hardship, unlawful camping (per local county ordinance), public health and safety issues, distrust, and are affront to sound American values expressed in the United States Constitution and several Amendments, that are also true Christian values.

The plaintiff leading this tort, D. A. Dailey, is a registered Legislative Advocate in the state of Colorado and formerly was a Lobbyist in Sacramento and Carson City during the 1990s. He has been a stand-up comedian in the Midwest and Pacific Coast and has written numerous humorous books, screenplays, speeches, and web-blogs. A current work in-progress is a true to life story about Gardenville entitled, The Last Resort. Recently, Dailey served as a court advocate twice – in federal court at San Francisco and the federal district in Denver.

*    *    *    *    *    *


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NIMBY = Not In My Backyard!

NIMBY = Not In My Backyard!

Which Charles/Chuck/Charlie are You Talking Of?!?

Wow, what a Friday morning (Mayo 9) I had !

… and folks get ME, of all people, confused with two darker skin men that also stay in the neighborhood: Charles D. and another Charles D.

In retrospect, I prefer to be objective… here is what I wrote about the EPA police action this Friday morning:

My urgent need was with the threatening property manager – Patrick ____  – who accosted me about 7 a.m. near the Bay Street sidewalk at the end of our shelter parking lot.
Too bad we cannot cut across the Ravenswood Healthcenter parking lot when it is empty anymore. I believe their management did a weird knee-jerk reaction putting up two flimsy gates to whatever – after Jeff ____ fell while intoxicated in their lot that one day.
After Charles___ went through my suitcase and threw my stuff around the driveway, Mr. Patrick ___ got in this truck and drove over some of the clothing and stuff.
EPA police Corporal ___ witnessed that incident. Patrick appealed to the officer that HE, not me David Dailey, was the victim of mischief.
I did give an oral report of this to staff members Jasmine, Bill, and Elder Champion. “Jazz” handled the post-incident procedures; exceptionally well in my opinion. Elder Champion was kind enough to stay later and pray with me about it as he was leaving prior  to 8:30 a.m. when my ‘Redi-Wheels’ pick-up was due.
… omg
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     Less than eight weeks ago, we reported of a new high-crime area in San Mateo County that is beyond the scope and control of the local, elected Sheriff Greg Monks. Sheriff Monks is the replacement for Donald Horsley, who was subsequently voted into office as one of five County-wide Supervisors.

Painting by Carolyn Jones of West Menlo Park, California, at Menlo Park's Allied Arts Guild

     Sometimes we have to take one step backward before taking two steps forward.


     This county, bordering Santa Clara County (county seat of San Jose) and San Francisco County, is home for more than a million citizens and thousands upon thousands of undocumented human beings. As a result, the employment and housing situations have been poor for years.

     My dog and I recently took up residence in Redwood City, which is the County Seat of San Mateo County, California.

     During the last 50 or so days, we have been robbed, swindled, burglarized, scammed, discrimated against, food poisoned, threatened more than twice, and otherwise abused.

     Although relief has been sought from the authorities (law enforcement, fire prevention district, landlord, insurance companies, barkeeps, restaurant owners, “roach coaches”, and elected officials, there have been no remedies or solutions implemented by those in management positions.


     Last week, we decided to move out.

     Move out of our new home.

     Move out of this city.

     Move out of the county that we have lived in since 1986.

     Move out of the state that we have lived in since 1980.

     Yep, we transferred from the Midwest on May 1, 1980. Yep, May Day ’80. My newly wed bride went along for the ride until 2006 or so. We still boast about our beautiful, street-smart, and smart daughter born as a “native San Franciscan.”

     Teddy and I decided this week after over two months of contemplation to move back to where six years, six of the best years – wonder years – of my life, to my college town in the Big Ten (or is it the Big Thirteen or Big Fourteen now).


[ to be continued ]

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Newest Hot Crime Area in RWC CA

Crime in North Redwood City East of the Cal Train Tracks

December 15-20, 2011


     It is believed that perpetrators of these recent crimes are either employees or customers of Chavez Supermarket and Meat Market at 775 Arguello Street.



  • Stabbing


  • Burglary


  • Unfair Business Practices


  • Grand Larceny


  • Manslaughter


  • Food Poisoning


  • Assaults


            During the last week, the area along Arguello Street near and north of Brewster Avenue has been the scene of many crimes in Redwood City, California.


            Today’s incident involved a truck driver for Chavez Supermarket. At 2:15 p.m. on Tuesday, December 20, 2011, he was parked in the middle of the street for more than ten minutes and then began to backup to the right nearly running over a disabled man walking with his service-assistance dog on the west sidewalk of 811 Arguello Street.


            The Redwood City Police Department responded at 2:50 p.m. and told the shaken victim that he (Officer Papalakulous) would take care of it.


            A man and a woman driving a car with California license plate 3XJR452 witnessed the incident.


            The Chavez Supermarket truck driver would not disclose his name. The truck the 20-30 year old man was driving had California license plate 8F35979.


reported by Max’s Scout Services & Communications, LLC

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