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Part VI – Psychoanalysis of an Ex-Lover’s Major Life-Changing Event

May Day ’18

Bon Jovi sang it best, I did my part but she didn’t. I was ‘shot through the heart and you’re to blame, she gives LOVE a bad name.

Thus she gives LOVE a bad name.

Amazing that John Bon Jovi never met the “Church Lady of MPPC”

Defense Mechanisms

defense mech


Just Another Day Near Paradise

Sorry I missed your phone call.  I had just walked into the La Bistro Vida in Menlo Park. Everyone stared when the restaurant check arrived. You’d think it was a subpoena.


Why is it that if two vegetarians get in an argument, do you still call it a “beef.”


My mind is wondering. Thinking about my step-son Jonny. If this cheapskate was at the Last Supper, he would have asked for separate checks.


What did she say? I cannot understand half she says.


Perfect spouse material…



Well, happy mothers’ day this Sunday.


Have you heard of someone getting aids from having phone sex?

Ya, hearing aids.  Too much yelling.


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