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Lesson from “The Five Owls” – 3-Step Process for Children Literacy

Credit for this should be given to Holly and Dan Dailey, who worked tirelessly in Minneapolis on this project between 1980 and 2005:

Step 1: Make time for reading with your children.

Step 2: Create an environment for reading.

a) Read aloud to kids everyday,

b) Discuss stories, events, and the world around them,

c) Encourage children to learn letters and words,

d) Take children to libraries and bookstores, and

e) Encourage reading and writing as free-time activities.

Step 3: Read good books and talk about them


This information came from Becoming a Nation of Readers – A Simplified View

from the editors of The Five Owls.



St. Dan Louis’ Web-Blog from Estella Vista, West Texas (written by St. Danny in 2009) fyi: DLD passed away on 11-22-2016

My older brother had a thing about numerology, anniversaries (Kennedy assassination conspiracy theories, etc.), justice particularly for minors with a real rough childhood, and establishing a safe haven for those that could benefit from “getting away from it (rat races) all” where the southwest Texas desert air and mountains offer a respite that will last an improved lifetime.


If you have never red any of his writings, now is the time to also pray that Dan L. has no more time to spend in purgatory, which he believed was only a Catholic myth. Enjoy his style and messages often hidden within the paragraphs and diagrams:

“Estrella Vista”

HC-65, Box 243 A

Alpine, TX  79830


432/ 371-xxxx

 2009 Read the rest of this entry

The U. S. A. on January 21, 2013 – Annual MLK, Jr. Day & the Second Inaugeration of President Barack N. Obama

Dateline: Washington, District of Columbia

What is a “good American” supposed to do when the holiday closes many places and the region is suffering from the worst influenza outbreak since 2010?

Stay home and watch TV?

CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, and local channel live feeds from the nation’s capitol have captured my attention. CNN’s humorist Jeannie Most perhaps stated it best… “Beyonce’ nailed it (the National Anthem)!”

My colored TV has been on since 7:00 a.m. EST. It is now almost 8:30 p.m. and my dinner guests and I are glued to our love seats and Lazy-Boy waiting for the First Lady to appear in a startling evening gown.

As it has been apparent for four years, women no longer have to spend their husband’s beer money on expensive European fashions. Mrs. Obama has found countless American clothing designers who have made her look fabulous.

As the President stated during his speech at the Capitol lunch, “We might debate the adequateness of who is President but no one doubts what a fine First Lady Michelle has been (or something to that effect).”



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