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Which Charles/Chuck/Charlie are You Talking Of?!?

Wow, what a Friday morning (Mayo 9) I had !

… and folks get ME, of all people, confused with two darker skin men that also stay in the neighborhood: Charles D. and another Charles D.

In retrospect, I prefer to be objective… here is what I wrote about the EPA police action this Friday morning:

My urgent need was with the threatening property manager – Patrick ____  – who accosted me about 7 a.m. near the Bay Street sidewalk at the end of our shelter parking lot.
Too bad we cannot cut across the Ravenswood Healthcenter parking lot when it is empty anymore. I believe their management did a weird knee-jerk reaction putting up two flimsy gates to whatever – after Jeff ____ fell while intoxicated in their lot that one day.
After Charles___ went through my suitcase and threw my stuff around the driveway, Mr. Patrick ___ got in this truck and drove over some of the clothing and stuff.
EPA police Corporal ___ witnessed that incident. Patrick appealed to the officer that HE, not me David Dailey, was the victim of mischief.
I did give an oral report of this to staff members Jasmine, Bill, and Elder Champion. “Jazz” handled the post-incident procedures; exceptionally well in my opinion. Elder Champion was kind enough to stay later and pray with me about it as he was leaving prior  to 8:30 a.m. when my ‘Redi-Wheels’ pick-up was due.
… omg
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