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Joe Biden for President

Draft Joe to be the U.S.’s 45th President.

Join US to draft Vice President
Biden to serve another four years in D.C.voterepDem

Write the Democratic National Committeepersons (130+) demo leaders and your Democratic Party representatives presently serving in the Senate or House.

For instance:

  • Senator Barbara Boxer
  • Representative Nancy Pelosi
  • Representative Jackie Speier
  • Senator Di-Fi Feinstein
  • Senator Joe (of Indiana) Donnelley



UND’s Encore to a 12-1 Regular Season #1 Ranking (Notre Dame football’s first in 24 Years)

UND’s Encore to a 12-1 Regular Season #1 Ranking (Notre Dame football’s first in 24 Years).

Features a home schedule against Michigan State, USC, Oklahoma, Temple, Navy, and BYU.

The season ends in Palo Alto against defending Rose Bowl champion Stanford.

Road games include a neutral court against the Devils of ASU in the Dallas Cowboy Stadium. ND will play early this coming season inside the “Big House” of Michigan. The Fighting Irish must play Purdue again at West Laughalot, Indiana, versus the United States Air Force Academy at high altitude, and at the Pittsburgh Panthers.

An 8-4 Season with No Heisman Trophy Candidate would be a Disaster

Coach Brian Kelly decided not to go pro. He is back to University life for a fourth consecutive year. Rumor has it that . . .

College High-Jinx and Bewitching Among the Undefeated

Look out for battle of the band of fans in the Bayou, a West Coast special or two, and some interesting shenanigans looming on the gridiron this weekend. Eight games have national championship implications.

Which (witch) undefeated team will lose this Halloween week?

This coming Saturday there is only one game between two current Top Ten Teams -#1 Alabama (8-0) at #5 Louisiana State (7-1). Baton Rouge night games have long been known as a tough win for the opposition going into the “Snakes Pit.”

Games of Special Note

All three service academies cannot be victorious because someone must lose the Air Force – Army game. The Falcons are favored by 7.5 playing on the East Coast. Last week, Army barely lost to a good Ball State squad 30-22. Americans can root for both teams.

On Thursday, Western Kentucky (6-2)  is favored by 10 at home against Middle Tennessee State. We like the Hilltoppers. Last weekend, they showed an improved defense to beat Florida (International) 14-6. Middle Tennessee scored 38 on North Texas. No worries, WKU’s offense has a reputation to be even better than their defense.

On Friday, California Golden Bears host the Washington Huskies on Friday night and are favored by 4. The underdog looks like our West Coast special pick. Washington is coming off a victory over previously undefeated Oregon State and Cal lost 49-27 to Utah.

Another West Coast special is Arizona at UCLA. Both offenses are in high scoring shape. If you take last week’s results, this game would be Bruins 45, Arizona 39. Ike would gladly take 6 and the Wildcats.

Nasty-Looking Owl

Saturday night there are three games with immediate national championship implications to keep an eye on:

7 pm EDT on Fox – #2 Oregon (8-0) at #17 U.S.C. (6-2). The poor Ducks keep winning only to fall in the polls. Another Oregon win and they might drop in the rankings for a third straight week. More likely is that USC’s QB Barkley will put up some Heisman candidate statistics and beat Oregon at their own high flying offensive game. The Mighty Ducks are favored by 6. They could win by 60 or lose by 16. Ike will take the over, point advantage and the Trojans.

8 pm EDT on ABC – #24 Oklahoma State (5-2) at #3 Kansas State (8-0). KSU is favored by 8 and hosts last year’s conference champion. With a win, they will make more believers. The Cowboys just demolished TCU 36-14. Ike is taking the home cats.

8 pm EDT on CBS – #1 vs. #5 – Alabama by 8.

There are five other games that we believe figure into thee national championship equation and one has already been played last Saturday: Pittsburgh 47, Temple 17. How do we figure that the Temple Owls (3-4) and Pitt Panthers (4-4) are on the road to the BCS?

  1. Temple plays at undefeated #10 Louisville and Pitt plays at undefeated #4 Notre Dame this weekend. Louisville was taken to overtime by Cincinnati last week and held on for a 34-31 win to remain undefeated. The Cardinals are favored by 13.
  2. Notre Dame won 30-13 last weekend under the lights in Norman, Oklahoma. Both Pitt and Temple may be up to performing big time on national TV and perhaps either Louisville or the Irish may not be so motivated this weekend, perhaps a little tired, or just jet-lagged?


Here is the summary of the afternoon TV games:

Noon EDT on ESPN – #16 Texas A&M (6-2) at #18 Mississippi State (7-1) Bulldogs.  The Aggies come in as 2.5 point favorites. Ike is trending toward the home underdog in this game.

Noon EDT on ABC – Temple at #10 Louisville. Owls are birds of prey; Cardinals are birds of pray. Watch out for the unexpected.

3:30 EDT on ABC – The Big Ten Game of the Week is #21 Nebraska at Michigan State. MSU is favored by one-and-a-half points. The Spartans were stretched to overtime to get a win over Wisconsin, but the Cornhuskers are coming off an impressive 23-9 victory over pre-season conference favorite Michigan. We like the red underdog in this contest.

3:30 EDT on NBC of course – Pittsburgh at #4 Notre Dame. ND is favored by 18.5. They have won a lot of close games at home. It looks like a win not cover game.  With a 17-point head start for the Panthers, Ike will bet on Pitt ‘cause Pitt is it.

Pitt will need the witch’s magic potion to knock down the Irish Guard(s).


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Notre Dame Administration vs. Manti Te’o – Heisman Candidate

This fine student-athlete is back in the news.

There are no more college football games for him to play at Notre Dame.

A story of how a young man was scammed on the Internet, how his University handled the matter, and the outcome of the student-athlete’s life are developing.

Who is at fault? Or better worded, who should be held responsible?

At this point, I am on Manti Te’o team versus the administration run by grown men and women at the University of Notre Dame, near South Bend, Indiana, within the (formerly great and sacred) St. Joseph River Valley.

I am dismayed; particularly since I have been a life-long ND fan. There were adults – not college students involved – that could have handled this matter more responsibly.


The following was written and published by D. A. Dailey on October 7, 2012. Note that their is no consideration of any Internet love affair. Choosing the best player in the nation and winning football games is (or should be) all about what happens on the field.

It has been since 1949 that a defensive player has been selected as the best college football player of the year.

Te’o – A Model Sportsman

Notre Dame’s linebacker Monti Te’o may be the one.

Not only did his squad that he captains limit the opponents to 3 points, he had 10 solo tackles. Quite an effort by a student-athlete who recently has faced his share of adversity in his private life.

The Saturday after his grandmother died, Te’o played one heck of a game in East Lansing, Michigan. Notre Dame won that game 20-3.


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