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St. Dan Louis’ Web-Blog from Estella Vista, West Texas (written by St. Danny in 2009) fyi: DLD passed away on 11-22-2016

My older brother had a thing about numerology, anniversaries (Kennedy assassination conspiracy theories, etc.), justice particularly for minors with a real rough childhood, and establishing a safe haven for those that could benefit from “getting away from it (rat races) all” where the southwest Texas desert air and mountains offer a respite that will last an improved lifetime.


If you have never red any of his writings, now is the time to also pray that Dan L. has no more time to spend in purgatory, which he believed was only a Catholic myth. Enjoy his style and messages often hidden within the paragraphs and diagrams:

“Estrella Vista”

HC-65, Box 243 A

Alpine, TX  79830


432/ 371-xxxx

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Which Charles/Chuck/Charlie are You Talking Of?!?

Wow, what a Friday morning (Mayo 9) I had !

… and folks get ME, of all people, confused with two darker skin men that also stay in the neighborhood: Charles D. and another Charles D.

In retrospect, I prefer to be objective… here is what I wrote about the EPA police action this Friday morning:

My urgent need was with the threatening property manager – Patrick ____  – who accosted me about 7 a.m. near the Bay Street sidewalk at the end of our shelter parking lot.
Too bad we cannot cut across the Ravenswood Healthcenter parking lot when it is empty anymore. I believe their management did a weird knee-jerk reaction putting up two flimsy gates to whatever – after Jeff ____ fell while intoxicated in their lot that one day.
After Charles___ went through my suitcase and threw my stuff around the driveway, Mr. Patrick ___ got in this truck and drove over some of the clothing and stuff.
EPA police Corporal ___ witnessed that incident. Patrick appealed to the officer that HE, not me David Dailey, was the victim of mischief.
I did give an oral report of this to staff members Jasmine, Bill, and Elder Champion. “Jazz” handled the post-incident procedures; exceptionally well in my opinion. Elder Champion was kind enough to stay later and pray with me about it as he was leaving prior  to 8:30 a.m. when my ‘Redi-Wheels’ pick-up was due.
… omg
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