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It is Not Just The Economy (Stupid), We Are In A Public Health Crisis

Northern California, North America

The 2010 Decade Is Here

Medical science, information technology, bureaucratic leadership with public health policy have converged at a time where good healthcare demand is high and socioeconomic resources are low.

The current state of affairs has Northern California in the mist of what should be viewed as a public health crisis whereby residents are very ill and well-meaning healthcare professionals are just plain unable to help everyone in need. Unfortunately, the magnitude of the crisis has been increased by the errors of ommission or commission of responsible managers and elected officials.

For example:

Nationally, we have a Secretary of Health and Human Services with little knowledge or experience about public health. The Obama Administration acted slowly to appoint a Surgeon General and leadership for the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), and Center for Disease Control (CDC). Poor execution of good public health policy regarding seasonal and swine flu protocols has adversely affected Americans

At the state level, the California Department of Public Health and California Department of Health Services are directed by the same overarching department that supervises business and commerce affairs. The medical officer with the CDPH and his staff coordinated the statewide flu prevention and illness mitigation plans. In essence, they delegated their responsibility to the medical officers in each of the 61 counties in the State of California.

How has all of this worked out? They bottom-line is that too many Northern Californian are sick. What next?

I am praying more than twice a day, taking Tylenol four times a day, sleeping often, drinking as much as I can, almost being obsessive-compulsive about personal hygiene and environmental health, and hoping that others will not contract any flu bug.  So help me God!