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Joe Biden for President

Draft Joe to be the U.S.’s 45th President.

Join US to draft Vice President
Biden to serve another four years in D.C.voterepDem

Write the Democratic National Committeepersons (130+) demo leaders and your Democratic Party representatives presently serving in the Senate or House.

For instance:

  • Senator Barbara Boxer
  • Representative Nancy Pelosi
  • Representative Jackie Speier
  • Senator Di-Fi Feinstein
  • Senator Joe (of Indiana) Donnelley




Breaking News: Terrorist Plot Broken Up in San Francisco

Report that terrorists’ plan to destroy by fire and explosion two temporary office buildings and 15 parking enforcement vehicles at the City’s compound on the 500 block of Potrero near Bryant and 10th Streets has been foiled.


Insiders learned of the Moslem project to bring the West Coast down to its knees.

San Francisco towing companies and the Parking Enforcement Unit of the SFPD usually collect thousands of dollars daily. The old term meter maids no longer applies to this group of rude tricycle riders…

More details at 5, 6, and 11.

Winning Attitudes

Dateline: North America

– Late January 2013 –

Cliche’s abound around success, well-being, and happiness. Life is a process wrought with good and bad times as well as maintaining a status quo. Great coaches are like our wonderful mentors.

Legendary Basketball Coach Jimmy Valvano

Legendary Basketball Coach Jimmy Valvano

It is difficult to dispute that human attitudes cause ‘stuff to happen’ and lead to ‘fate or destiny’ despite one’s knowledge, relevant skills, experience, and even wisdom. We had better realize that opportunities are not governed only by genetics, training and education, culture, faith, and spiritual ideals.

Choosing a realistic, ethical, and positive attitude can be accomplished no matter what our individual make-up, personal strengths, virtues, prior experiences, leaders, and weaknesses might be. Remember the old adage: “Mind over matter, matters.”

One problem with attitudes is that they are hard to change. One might be better off to unlearn what they have previously learned.

Change is inevitable?!?

Change in lives and the history of evolution is often hard to cope with. As Charles Darwin taught: “Survival of the fittest.” Adaptation is so important at both a micro (personal) and macro (mankind) level.


Vince Lombardi Coached the First Two Super Bowl Champs

Vince Lombardi Coached the First Two Super Bowl Champs


During this Super Bowl XLVII Week, I am reminded that to win nominally demands a winning attitude. I cannot put my finger on the detailed factors of which team has the advantage of THE superior winning attitude. Both the Ravens and Forty-Niners seem to have IT but only one team will prevail.

In American football, the pundits refer to execution.

No matter who wins Sunday, all team members and fans would do well to adapt to the prevailing conditions and final result.

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It may be simpler to predict this weekend’s weather than NFL scores.

BTW, upsets by visiting teams are more than possible. U, 2, have gotta’ like the chances of these 4 teams.

1st, bet on the sure thing. The Bills, Ravens, Texans, and Bengals cannot lose this weekend; it is their annual bye-bye Sunday.

Jump ahead and take the Niners (-4.5) on the road in Arizona for Monday night. Forget about Hurricane Sandy; she will have nothing to do with this game.

Eliminate the unknown. For instance, either both QB Brees or Manning are best known for leading a fourth quarter comeback. (Saints @ Broncos). Also don’t play teams that have been inconsistent, incontinent, and unpredictable this season (Seahawks @ Lions  AND  Dolphins @ Jets).

Next, cat lovers, choose a home team favorite of your own liking remembering that the Lions and Bengals are “out of play”:

Chicago Bears (-6.5) vs. Panthers

Green Bay (-12.5) vs. Jaguars

Minnesota (-5.5) vs. Buccaneers

Zebra Body Language is Often an Ugly Thing to Behold

Now comes the really fun part.

Take the handicapping points for two, three, or four underdogs playing on the road:

Indianapolis Colts (+2.5) at Tennessee Oiler Titans *

Oakland Raider and Raiderettes (+1.5) at K.C. BBQ Chiefs **

New Jersey Giants (+2.5) at Dallas Cowpokes ***

Atlanta Undefeated Falcons (+2.5) at Philadelphia Eagles ****

= = = =

Good luck and enjoy the games!

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* The Tennessee team is benching the QB that won last Sunday in favor of sophomore Jake Locker that is getting off the injury list. This gives the edge to rookie pro QB with a great college education Andrew Luck and the Colts.

** The Raider defense held the Jags to 209 yards last Sunday. “Seabass” Janikowski made four field goals and two extra points!

*** NYG Manning made 8 of 12 third down conversions in last Sunday’s road victory in D.C. QB T. Romo only made 6 of 14 for Dallas in Carolina.

**** Both teams return to finish their schedule after a bye-bye week. Let’s see who mended better following rough games against the Steelers and Raiders.


Njoy your weekNda wherever U may B!

San Francisco Baylands

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